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Is it really the 1st of April!!!!


pic 1 + pic 2 + pic 3 = the galiant seabreeze  HAAAA! April fools!!!

pic 1 + pic 2 + pic 3 = the galiant seabreeze HAAAA! April fools!!!

Well I just got in and on, and it looks like my prank had a few hours of fun, HAAAA!!!! thanks for all the comments and I was laughing to myself last night when I was mixing and matching Luigi’s images together to make the very sleek and beautiful SS Sea Breeze,,, does anyone want the orthos to this one????  I don’t recall pulling another prank until this one,,, what is the other one that is floating around in the comments???


The USS Sea Breeze NCC-1701!!!!!




Ryan's Nightmare

Ryan’s Nightmare

As promised I got this odd little piece cleared to show you all from  J.J.’s New Star Trek. This goes way back to the early days of the new film. Back when the earth was new and the oceans were still full of hot Magma Ryan Church was brought on to start the conceptualizing the new/old Enterprise. Since the movies goal was to break new ground and start at day one the consensus was to recreate the 60’s look without coping what was done by Jeffery’s 45 years ago. All the ideas and concepts were being re-thought and re-imagined. The inspiration for this ship idea came from images and ideas of Luigi Colani’s futuristic designs that seem to have also inspired Burt Ratan. This comp was to take those sweeping lines and create a starship that has the essence of the futuristic 1960’s but with a contemporary flare. Note the name of the starship!!! the registry # is 1701, but the name is the USS Sea Breeze!!! Wholly Cow can you imagine what that would have done to all of us fans,,, There would have been a lynching for sure… Anyways this was a very short lived idea and the notion to rename the ship quickly faded back to ENTERPRISE just like it should be… I asked Ryan what this was all about and this is the best answer he could come up with, and that it was for no other reason than to be different from the original. he also said he was glad that this awful thing died quickly,,, but it’s here for you today!!!  So Enjoy what could have been the last nail in the coffin had they gone thru with this hanus insult

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