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props from Broken Bow, The Enterprise Pilot

Howdy to everyone and just got back into town from a long 4th of July weekend!!!  Lots to share about the trip, but no time today!!!  Lots on my desk to get to, so here is a filler until I can decently give credit to the awesome weekend and all that the Make a Wish Foundation did for Carlene!!!!!  With that, here are some prop concepts from the first epeisode (pilot) of ST Enterprise.  Herman Zimmerman, our Production Designer on the show, had brought together the crew from DS9 to work on the new series.  In addition, he brought on Louise Dorton from Voyager and an old Trek alumni, Jim Martin…Jim started his movie and TV Career in this very office, and it was great to have him back.  Jim started as a prop designer on DS9 working for the legendary Joe Longo.  After the 3rd season ended, Jim packed up and moved from TV to movies, with his first job being on Starship Troopers.  Herman called me, and I followed in Jim’s footsteps to finish out the series of DS9 that ended in 1999.  Herman hired Jim on to do the prop work, and the approval process was equally as difficult in this arena to get things through so they could be built…at one time Herman asked us both to work on the same things so as to add diversity to the designs and add more choices to the mix for Mr. Berman and Mr. Bragga to look at.  It is always kind of awkward to have two people in the same room doing the same thing, and in any other scenario, it would have been difficult.  But what’s fun and unique about Star Trek is the family bond we all have, and there is a respect for each other’s talents.  What is asked of you is to help get the show moving, as opposed to creating a competition amongst the crew.  Jim’s work is always incredible, and in the final show, it was all his talent that made it to the screen.  I so loved his phaser designs, as well as all the work he did with the reworking of the communicator and translator props.  I don’t have Jim’s art with me to post today but I will have a special Jim Martin week soon to display some of his finest creations!!!  Today, all I have are the alternate designs that Herman asked for oh so many years ago!!!  Hope you enjoy the sketches and had a great 4th of July weekend!!  Have a good rest of the week.



Klingon Knife concept

Klingon Knife concept

two part phaser idea

two part phaser idea

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