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Arby’s, sparrows and Xindi, Oh My!!!! Arby’s and Sparrows, and Xindi, oh my!!!

Now that would feed one of me or 150 sparrows!!

Now that would feed one of me or 150 sparrows!!

Yes, it is very silly that space ship inspiration can come from anywhere, and with me it usually starts with food!!!  Working at Paramount is like living on an Island!  A high walled fortress surrounded by gangs, ghettos and a huge cemetery that has family movie night on Saturdays.  IMAGINE THAT!!!!  Just hope they don’t play Dawn of the Dead or Night of the Zombies!!  HAAA!  It is really the last survivor of what once was a very nice and posh area; now it stands alone, situated in an extremely nasty area.  There are two outside restaurants to walk to if you dare, or they have a shuttle that takes you far from the studio where it is safe to get some lunch!  A couple of miles away; however, is one of the original Arby’s that often would call to me like a siren around 11:00 everyday…I would try, but couldn’t always cut out the sweet songs trying to pull me away from the safety of the lot and out into the rocks for a delicious, giant, mouth watering, Roast Beef Sandwich, Potato Cake and a soda!!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMM-MMMMMMM!!!  Anyway, it was a big day.  There were some new Xindi ships to draw up, and I was running out of new spaceship shapes to draw with.  So to refresh my mind I went to Arby’s,  got my tray of goods and was lunching outside…before I had even opened my sandwich, a parade of Sparrows landed with in inches of my lunch waiting for a hand out!!!  Looking at these little fellas as they ate my fries gave me a quick new idea.  I raced back to the office and threw a few sketches together, and by the end of the day had a new ship to check off the list.  Here are those nutty sketches and also the second Xindi ship drawn up for Episode 74, “The Council”.  This was a big show and will have to be a two part post to get everything up for you to see.  Included in today’s is the hidden mountain base for where the Xindi Council Chamber was hidden.  I am off to Comicon this afternoon so I’ll be off the blog till Monday, so tell jokes and stories amongst yourselves, and I’ll try to chime in once in a while if I can!!  OK have a great weekend everybody!!  And thanks for stopping by.

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