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soundtrack update, The complete “Right stuff” by conti, and ST 2 “Wrath of Khan” by Horner

I have been waiting for both of these complete scores for over 25 years and they are  finally out and already almost sold out,,, Just got the CD’s in the mail yesterday and all those tracks I loved from the films have been brilliantly remastered and presented here for the first time!!! Thanks to Robert Townson and all the folks over at Varese Sarabande for putting out this beautiful score for the “Right Stuff”, and Lukas Kendall and the gang over at SAE for the brilliant work on the complete Kahn CD!!!




comicon 2009

Every year a little bigger, every year a little different, and every year more CROWDED.  My friend, Nelson, and I started going to the con in the late 80’s, and back then it was in a little convention center in old Town San Diego.  It only took a couple of hours to see everything, and everything then was comics, books and some really cool toy and collector booths.  In recent years it has turned into a giant mega platform for the TV and movie industry and all the latest gaming companies, and the emphasis on comics is almost only by name in the title of the con.  The shear size of the con, and especially the incredibly huge unmaneuverable crowds has really taken a lot of the fun out of the show, and you find yourself more exhausted trying to get around to see things than ever before!  Don’t get me wrong.  I love this show, but the crowds are ridiculous! Anyway, now that I have recovered from the show, here is a cornucopia of images of some of the coolest things available on the planet.  The standards of execution of the collectibles has leaped by 1000 % in just the last few years and so have the prices$$$$$  So I acquire all of my collecting foder now with my camera…well that is in most cases!!  HAAA!  So sit back and enjoy the slide show of all the kits, crowds and costumes that made up Wednesday and Thursday at the Mighty Comicon!

the crowd builds on approach to the convention center

the crowd builds on approach to the convention center

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