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Nakatomi Plaza

Here’s a pic of the Fox Plaza, AKA the Nakatomi Plaza from “Die Hard”.  Just had to go shoot some stills for work of the buildings to the north of this one and snagged a shot as I’m driving away…. Enjoy Desert D

desert d


“KARR” the art of Knight rider

Too busy here at work to scan all the art for the Valdore, so today’s post is comprised of images already in the computer.  Last year the old “Knight Rider” TV show from the 80’s was re-invented and had a short one season run as a new series, and sadly it died away right when it was getting it’s bearings and the cast was getting into their roles.  During that time I got a call from Richard Toyon, the production designer on the show to come over and work on the Karr designs with him!!  It was great fun to work on an old favorite show, and it was a treat to work with Richard.  He is a comic book artist on the side and he worked on “From the earth to the Moon”.  Anyway, Richard was sketching out some pretty awesome ideas for KARR, but his work load keeps him away from his desk more than he is there.  Taking his roughs, we started to come up with a plan and not be a rip off from Transformers…I hadn’t seen the Transformers movie so I hadn’t been jaded yet!  The first drawing asked for was of the robotic KARR’s silhouette behind a curtain; it was a backwards way to start, but it was the first set to be built and had to be done first.  So the shadow that came to be on paper had to be turned into what KARR’s shape and mechanics were going to be later.  Working closely with Richard and the in-house CG unit, we worked out all the details and came up with a very fun robotic car (KARR), so below are the renderings that established each mechanical piece and hinge-point so the animators and modelers could run free and add their own creativity to the project.  These guys were a lot of fun to work with, and their end results were awesome.  This episode was a big, fast and crammed story, and the KARR segments were short and left you wanting more!!  Below is also a link to some of the trailers and the official site.



the first drawing establishing KARR's look

the first drawing establishing KARR's look

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