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10th anniversary of “the Iron Giant’, and the ‘Sixth Sense”

Holy cow!!  It has been ten years since these two favorites came out and both on the same day!!!  August 6th, 1999 was one awesome day!  My wife and I had only been married a month and thank goodness for that because if these two movies would have come out before she said “I do”, she might have said “I don’t”  to the geek fanboy that emerged while watching these two awesome flicks!!!  Haaaaa!  We saw Iron Giant first, and it was one of the last good old hand drawn animated films to come out before the world dove in headfirst into all CG animated films.  Of coarse there is a lot of CG mixed in to be sure, but it only added to that great animated look.

It’s a wonderful story about a boy and his giant robot friend from space, set in the late 50’s early 60’s when nuclear war was a daily threat.  A robot falls from space and lands in the ocean and soon is saved by a young boy named Hogarth.  The two become fast friends, and together they hide and run from the secret service who feels the Giant is a weapon from Russia.  The film is funny, emotional, beautiful, and if you’re a softy, it will make your eyes well up in a big way.

Brad Bird wrote and directed this beautiful story, and it is a brilliant heartfelt masterpiece that is a gem!!  The film was scored by the late Michael Kamen, and his score is a beautiful, emotional piece that carries you through the story without the use of an overly recognizable theme!  Mr. Bird  went on to write and direct two other of my Favorites,  “The Incredibles” and “Ratatouille”.  Iron Giant is another one you’ll want to own, and there are a lot of extras on the DVD to see.  Happy Anniversary Brad & the Iron Giant!  

Next came a ghost story like no other.  M. Night Shyamalan’s ” the Sixth Sense” was a movie that I was not prepared to see; having young daughters in the house had taken me far away from scary dramas and put me in the world of Barney, so my mind was soft to what Mr. Shyamalan had in store. This one is a genuine, suspensful masterpiece and will always be remembered and looked at as a classic.  It is a story that pulls you in emotionally from the get go and shakes and rips you apart on every level of fear and  human emotion.  In case you have not seen this one, I will say nothing more but to go and buy it immediately because you’ll want to watch it over end over again.  Full of twists and great imagination, Mr. Shamalyn shines as a brilliant director and story teller and has made many other favorites such as “Unbreakable”, “The Village” and “Signs”.  James Newton Howard scores all of M. nights films, and his themes and compositions are so intricately woven into the stories that they are truly the tone of all the underlying emotions!  So with that, Happy 10th to you M. Night and keep em coming. 

Also for you Iron giant fans, visit Dave’s “ultimate Giant” site linked below!!!  He has really put together a great collection of just about everything about the Iron Giant.


iron giant poster

iron giant poster


sixth sense poster

sixth sense poster

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