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art of the romulan warbird valdore, (day one)

Man, has it been busy at work…so much so, the blog has suffered.  Thanks for hanging in there through the quick throw in posts and the no posts at all.

As promised, here is day one of the Valdore concepts from Star trek “Nemesis” 2002.  Both Dave Negron Jr. and I were working on the same thing from different locations, and here are a little of both of our takes on this new vessel.  David came up with a very aggressive T tailed design that incorporated some of the lines from Andy Probert’s TNG Warbird.  He compacted the design, and I really liked the interpretation he came up with.  For the sketches I was working on, I ran to Andy’s ship for an architectural  lineage to use as the cornerstone for the renderings.  A single page of 3 or 4 ideas went over to the art meeting, and Herman Z came back with a circle around the bottom left drawing and said that they wanted to see more done with this one.  A rough sketch was next with some awful panel work, and then a 3rd sketch came out resembling a bird like panel breakdown.

From years of stories about Romulan and Klingon architecture in ships and the cross over of what race did what, I had to come up with an understory to use as a basis of how the designs would relate to both alien races.  In “Star trek III” I heard the warbird and the aliens were to be Romulans, due to budget they kept the ship but turned it into a Klingon vessel because Paramount had a surplus of Klingon costumes to use instead of putting up the cash for new outfits and make-up. Thus the Klingons were piloting a Bird of Prey!  So from there I started my idea that the Klingons stole or bought the warbird or it’s technology and made it their own…this would keep the overall look connected to the Romulans, from there the Romulan Warbird Valdore could easily fit into the design realm of what was seen before, only heavily modified.

Being that both the Remans and Romulans were related and in close proximity to one another, the Scimitar would also be able to share similarities in design.  I spent a lot of time trying to concoct a viable story and lineage to carry what was getting approved to fit in the understory as best as possible.  So with that all said and done, here are the drawings for Day One of the Mighty Valdore.


Dave Negron's first pass

Dave Negron's first pass

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