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the art of Geppetto

Well, it is another mish mash day, but I am calling it the art of Geppetto instead!!  When DS9 season 7 came to an end, this was my first job working at Disney on Drew Carey’s adaptation of “Geppetto”.  My boss was Charles Wood, and he was one challenging man to work for.  He offered a lot of criticism that really had me push uncharted boundaries in trying to put his thoughts on to paper.  It was a great experience and even more so because I met Nathan Schroeder, who is still my favorite of all the illustrators I have been honored to work with!!  Nathan’s command of pencil is truly unique and mind boggling at how he can perceive the most believable designs of architecture flawlessly and always in perfect perspective.  I learned a lot looking over this man’s shoulder and now he has transfered over into the realm of digital, which is even more striking than his carbon skills.  There will have to be an art of Nathan day, and I am making a note right now!!  Anyway, these drawing represent a variety of things, the first is a machine that makes perfect children for parents that want a particular style of appearance and behavior in a child!  Sounds a little like somebody who reigned from about 1936 to 1945, HMMMMMM!!! The next is of a puppet trunk that opens into a mini stage, next is some architecture for the lab and library, a scene that turned into an outdoor set by the end of the design stage.. and finally one of the wooden toys from Geppetto’s shelves, a sparrow that would open it’s wings.  OK, this is way far from the tech stuff that I always drew, and it was a great job to move over to another form of art.


machine and specs

machine and specs

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