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Happy Halloween, Happy adoption day, and happy Birthday to Greg Jein

Well, it’s an awesome day on many levels.  It’s Halloween for one, most importantly, this is the day way back 14 years ago that I adopted my twin daughters, Olivia and Alicia, and it’s also Greg Jein’s Birthday!!

I was a foster parent way back and the first children that I got to foster parent for were two little twin girls just a few days old. The girls’ birth mom vanished after a couple of visits in the early days and after a year or so the court gave the option to adopt, and it was a great day to get this long awaited news…just a few days before the girls turned three (Halloween Day).  We went to court and so happily made Olivia and Alicia a permanent part of our family…I have been truly blessed with these two wonderful daughters, and they bring a special joy to every day of my life!

Another way back story to the late 1970’s, as a little kid in Arizona, was the day Close Encounters of the Third Kind came out and I learned about a man named Greg Jein!!!  Within the next couple of years, special effects mags like Starlog and Cinefex would do special articles on Greg, and from the first day I read about him, I was a fan!!!  In 1984, I got a hold of his # and worked up the courage to give him a call, and he invited me over to his shop to say hey.  I was in town doing my bi-monthly turn in a new portfolio and resume to all the VFX houses hoping to one day get a job, and Greg’s shop was right behind Boss Films!!  It was a quick visit, and Greg had his hands in some black, gooey, brushable resin he was smearing into a laser blaster mold…I didn’t have a lot to show him, but I left with one big ear to ear grin after meeting my hero!!!  A few years later I managed to break in to the VFX world, and Greg Jein came to the shop I was working at to lend a hand on some models we were making.  We kept in touch, and soon I was working with Greg at his shop on Star Trek V; it’s funny to look back on those times and have a new outlook on someone who was once someone I only new from books and the big screen to now calling Greg my friend!!!  To this day, it is still one great honor!!

Happy Birthday, GREG!!! and Happy adopted day, Olivia ‘n Alicia!! and Happy Halloween to all.


Alicia and Olivia

Greg and I working in his shop on STV

Greg and I at his shop

running into Greg at Comicon

Greg and I at Comicon

Greg had a lot in common with Ed (Big Daddy) Roth,, they both liked to work bondo with their hands!!! HAAA- OOOOO-WA

Greg and Ed (big daddy) Roth both loved to work their magic with bondo by hand!!

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