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Kobayashi Maru

Hi all, and Happy Sunday!!!  Here is a fun little post for a windy day!!  Well, at least it’s horrible windy at my house, so I am on the computer for a few moments.  For J.J.’s Star trek, the story was going to visit the legendary story of young Kirk cheating the no-win scenario called the Kobayshi Maru.  For this project I was given the book and some drawings of the Kobayashi to use as reference to come up with a new starship based loosely on these drawings.  I came up with two roughs and then my end day came and I was done working on the movie before anything further happened.  Alex Jeager took over from here and best I can tell, he used the version from the book and cinamatized it for the playback sequence!!!  I so wish you could have seen what he did a little better and a for a little bit longer on screen!!  As always, getting to work on classic Trek lore in the  form  of an illustration makes for an awesome assignment, weather or not it gets used.  So with that, here are the pics from the book and the roughs to help determine the ship’s new movie look!

from the paperback novel

more details from an unknown sorce

concept 1

concept 2

the opportunity arose to submit this old beauty for playback so it had yet another chance to be rejected!!! HAAA!


Andy’s “D” or Johnny’s “E”

Howdy all!!! I am still full of Turkey…we grew our own this year, and it was so darned good I’ll never buy store bought again!!!  Sorry Mrs. Zacky….  Anyway, hope everyone had an exceptionally good Thanksgiving, and with that comes a query and I thought you would like to be a part of the decision process.  EFX Collectibles are gearing up for the next set of display models, and Bryan Ono asked me what I thought would better, the Enterprise D, designed by the brilliant Andrew Probert, or the Enterprise E that came from my ol’ drawing board!!!  Tough choice, I said, and suggested that we have a poll taken here to see what I am sure would be a good consensus.  I would love a big model of the E for my office, but I would like a big D also, so I am basically useless as a decider on this one.

So here it is for your comments and votes.  Let me now what you’re thinking, and I’ll pass on the news to Bryan and Barry.  Here is the link to one of my very first blog posts way back in March that has one of EFX’s first collectible pieces…they do some mighty fine work, and way down below is the link to their main page.

Have fun, and here is even more fun from some of the CG modelers over at Sci fi Meshes.  This was my first introduction to garage kits in CG, and I so wanted an opportunity to post some.  These are two awesome images of the E by Biko and the D by Jcap511.  Unbelievable talent here, as well as of what I am seeing from many of you here on the blog!!!  Below are links to their pages, so be sure to check em out…hey, if you also want to include any links to your own or some great CG you’ve seen of these two babies around the internet, feel free to include ’em with your notes.

Thanks and have fun.


just awesome work BIKO

one of jcap511's masterpiece's!!!


Happy Thanksgiving to our family, friends, and our Military

There are a lot of holidays throughout the year, and Thanksgiving is a particular favorite of mine.  What an awesome idea (thanks to the pilgrims, Native Americans, and early settlers of the new world) to set aside one day a year to remember all the things we are thankful for!  I have so very much to be thankful for that we have to have a little thanksgiving everyday in the Eaves’ home because we couldn’t list everything in just one day!  First I have to thank God for all He has done for me and my family and especially for healing Olivia’s arm and for curing Carlene’s cancer.  He always watches over us and carries us through the good and bad times, and especially for sending his Son to set us free and give us a home in Heaven.  Thanks to my wonderful wife, Tara, who blesses me every day in her actions and words, I love you so.  Thanks to my lovely daughters, Alicia, Amanda, Alyna, Carlene, and Olivia.  All of you make my life shine and I am so very proud of you all.  Thanks to my parents & all of my family and friends, new and old alike, and to all of my new friends from this blog.

One very special thanks goes to all of our brave men and women, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, who sacrifice daily, here and abroad, to preserve our safety and freedom.  Happy Thanksgiving to all of those with us today and especially for those who have fallen.  God bless you all and please bring comfort to the families who will be having thanksgiving with an empty chair at the dinner table this year.  My heart and prayers are with you always.  Thanks to the U.S. Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and the National Guard.  I am not a political man, but I am very patriotic and I’m so very humbled by what these brave men and women do for us regardless of the thanks or ridicule they receive!!  Be sure to give thanks and tell those around you that you appreciate them.  Life is short and unpredictable so don’t miss out on the opportunity…  Happy Thanksgiving to all.

God Bless

John Eaves

a painting of the first Thanksgiving

no one says more without ever uttering a word than Norman Rockwell

What a jewel, The cast of Beverly Hillbillies, Petticoat junction, and Green Acres,


OK, Ok!! here is the real size of the Enterprise in comparison with the U.S.

fun from the art department

Man!!!!  Yesterday’s post fired up a lot of heat, so hopefully this in-office joke will cool down all of the fire and make you chuckle a little instead.  The ship was going through a lot of size changes in the middle of production, and at one time it was close to a mile long, so for a quick laugh in the art department, this little drawing was created.


the new Enterprise has a scale

I told you all it was big!!!!  But no one would believe me!!!  Well, here is the proof right off of the new DVD and out the KING, Alex Jeager’s, mouth…2379.75.  So all the arguing can now stop, and all you garage kit modelers can get to work!

Blue Ray and my Mac don't get along so here is a pic from the TV screen


table tops and flying police, the art of trek

WOW!!  If you picked up the new Star Trek DVD or the art of book, you have really got some amazing and incredible images, concepts & grand imagination laid out in print, The movie versions on DVD and Blue Ray are incredible and are presented  in spectacular clarity with some awesome behind the scenes segments. Amazing that all those years of work can be held in practically the palm of your hand.  I have all ready watched the movie, and the behind the production stuff is incredible and the book is just as impressive!!

Great fun recollecting those early days of applying to work on the show. I had talked to the art directors on the show several times and after about a month of this it looked fairly certain I was going to have to let this one go,,, Then one day months later I got a call from Christine who was one of the art department Assistants and asked if would like to interview with the Production designer Scott Chambliss???  Why of coarse I would, I had to put a quick book of work together for him to see, so I used rejected images from past films and shows, as well as some of the Perpetual spacecraft designs instead of recognizable Star Trek concepts.  I thought if I showed Trek work that was a little off the beaten path, it might help get me a job on a show that openly banned  folks that had worked on the prior films and shows!!!  It worked, and I am very thankful That Scott Chambliss broke the rules and brought me on!!!  One of the first things he asked me was: Will you be influenced by what you’ve done before or can you move on into a new direction???  I could tell it was a big gamble for him to bring me on and he put me on a two week trial basis. fortunately I passed the test and stayed on for about 5 months. It was one awesome adventure, and I got to work with an incredible crew, many of which I had great admiration for.  Scott had me put a lot of those portfolio drawings on the wall as a sort of basis or stepping off point for where we were heading in terms of aesthetics and new architecture. once we started drawing though those images looked more out of place as the new look of the film was developing. When we sent our discs of art over to Titan to be used for the art book, there was little to no explanation except by the headings attached to the drawings so it was quite fun to see the illustrations that least belonged to anything printed in the art of!!!  HAAA! They were more finished pieces and in color while my illustrations for the job was more in lines of concept only and not finished production art.

I was brought on the film several months after the art department had started, and the amount of work already conceived by James Clyne and Ryan Church was staggering!!  For a short while, Nathan Schroeder was on board, and  for a short time you had three of the greatest motion picture artists together on one show!!!  The talent was incredible and everywhere.  Scott had assembled the finest art department I had ever seen…such an awesome privilege to be a part of such a fun ride.

Scott approached things very differently than most of the designers I had worked with before.  Usually when  your boss asks you to design a future tank, he’ll give you old tank references to build from.  When scott asked me to start working on the med-evac shuttles, he gave me pictures of stylized furniture……  One very creative mind, he has, and he spoke his ideas very clearly with the unusual reference material and in the end made for some very unique and right on the mark concepts.

Below is the shuttle sketch based on the table image and the first drawing I did for the show.  Scott would have me working on several projects at the same time, always keeping my busy, and one of the cross over projects was an Iowa police cruiser. Below are the first passes of those flying squad cars, and in time this would turn into the flying motorcycle.

the table top shuttle craft

hover cars


pin up update with miss Amanda lee

Been way too busy to be current on the blog and also to have a moment to respond to all the fun notes this week.  I will do so tonight, but in the meantime, here is a new one of the ever lovely Miss Amanda.  We did this Trek shoot in the heat of summer, and this is one of about 7 favorites shots from that morning.

Enjoy and catch up with everything and everyone later.

my fav of miss Amanda!!


Star trek the art of film by mark cotta vaz

Well, I have to say that is one fine book and produced at high warp speed.  This whole project only started about 3 and a half 4 months ago when everyone that had worked on the movie got a call to put all their art work together on a disc and have it ready to pick up the next day!!!  Neville Page was the gathering man of all these discs and probably a lot more…I love to see things come together under impossible odds, and Titan publishing shines at doing what others would be unable to do!!!  Great work displaying all the images in a very nice collage style format which really shows a nice progression, in many cases, from sketch to finished production art.

Mark and Titan really cover a little bit of everything, the concept art, CG work, ILM’s stuff, all the costume and make up work and some nice writing – full of little tidbits of info and a lot of how things came together – make a for one nice art of book.  Mark could easily do a part 2, and 3 with all the art that couldn’t be squeezed into those 160 beautiful pages.  The breakdown pages of the Enterprise, the Nirada, and the Kelvin are some awesome pages, as well as J.J. Abrams’ very nice and humorous forward.  It is a very complimentary book to all those behind the scenes and the art work of Ryan Church and James Clyne, along with Alex Jeager, Paul Ozzimo, Neville Page, and all the rest is breathtaking!!!  Even some of my scribbles made it in which was a thrill to see, HAAAA! 

What a great showcase for some awesome and very stylized art work!!!  Scott Chambliss (The film’s Production Designer) adds a lot of info, insight, and some very kind compliments to his crew throughout, and it was a fun read and makes a great companion along with the DVD release.  OH yes!!  The burning question of what is the Enterprise’s dimensions are are finally revealed in the book so now all the fighting can stop!!!  HAAA!  Thanks to everyone that put this book together so fast, and I so love adding it to my book collection!!  Enjoy

the cover for the art of film


More pin up update with victoria Vertuga

Here are a few more trek shots of the wickedly beautiful Victoria to help go along with the earlier post to get the mood high for todays Star trek DVD and art book release!!!

victoria 1



star trek the dvd and the art of trek come out tomorrow

WOOOOOOO-WEEEEEEEE can you believe it!!!!  Feels like the movie only just came out in theaters yesterday and now today, November the 17th, both the DVD and the art of book come out simultaneously!!!  MAN_O_MAN how the time flies!!!  I can’t wait to run out and get my copy of both!!!  What an awesome day, I saw some of the pages being put together and holy cow, my work is prehistoric in comparison to what Ryan, James, and Paul put out!!!!  I’m going back to work at A J Bayless  grocery stores in Arizona!!!  HAAAA!  Unbelievable talents these guys are and can’t wait to see all the cool stuff they did.  On the eve of the release, here is a special couple of pin ups to stir the mood and excitement of tomorrows long awaited DVD and art book.  Miss Penny Von Luck did some fabulous Trek shots a few weeks back, and here she is in the rocky mountains of Lake Los Angeles!!!  From Blonde, to brunette, to super hero black your hair color always looks awesome and you’re one of the rare exceptions that can pull it off!!!  Beautiful work, Penny, and thanks for another great day of shooting.

available tomorrow

the bewitching Penny Von Luck

on the hunt

set phasers to stun

the art of film cover

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