star trek the dvd and the art of trek come out tomorrow » penny trek 2

set phasers to stun

2 Responses to “penny trek 2”

  1. 1 Edward Boughton
    June 17, 2012 at 12:02 am

    That was the most stupid StarTrek movie script ever, JJ Abrams is a good director, he had a great cast, a ton of money and the only thing this script was created to do is destroy the timeline of the previous 44 years of scripts. Like his Mission Impossible movies nothing make sense. If you were on a “habitable Ice Moon” in a Solar System with two Suns, dodging giant crabs. Would you wait till after your whole race was destroyed before calling for help from the nearby Star Fleet Base. Why is there a Star Fleet Base next to a populated civilization with warp technology? Where was the Vulcan Defense Fleet? Can no one defend against a mining ship? If the new Scotty is so much more brilliant than the first, why is he alone with baby Greedo and completely unaware of the attack on Vulcan less than 250k miles away. Last the set sucked… ALMOST everything was filming a the Van Nuys Budweiser Brewery (yes, the same one use in Lavern & Shirley). Which may account for the stupid sight gag of beaming inside a water tube. This made the production value look like the Buck Rogers TV Show. Though the Bridge look nice, they should have adhered to updating the original set with the care they took with the Costumes and Enterprise. He only care about the action and not the story telling, which is why the TV Series 1/100th the budget, will always be better. What makes Twilight Zone and original StarTrek Series timeless classics, was NOT the action, but that they were commentaries about us. All JJ has is that a shaking camera adds tension. Sounds like the new script will be worsted than the last

  2. 2 Edward Boughton
    June 17, 2012 at 12:03 am

    PS – nice photos

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