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Star trek the art of film by mark cotta vaz

Well, I have to say that is one fine book and produced at high warp speed.  This whole project only started about 3 and a half 4 months ago when everyone that had worked on the movie got a call to put all their art work together on a disc and have it ready to pick up the next day!!!  Neville Page was the gathering man of all these discs and probably a lot more…I love to see things come together under impossible odds, and Titan publishing shines at doing what others would be unable to do!!!  Great work displaying all the images in a very nice collage style format which really shows a nice progression, in many cases, from sketch to finished production art.

Mark and Titan really cover a little bit of everything, the concept art, CG work, ILM’s stuff, all the costume and make up work and some nice writing – full of little tidbits of info and a lot of how things came together – make a for one nice art of book.  Mark could easily do a part 2, and 3 with all the art that couldn’t be squeezed into those 160 beautiful pages.  The breakdown pages of the Enterprise, the Nirada, and the Kelvin are some awesome pages, as well as J.J. Abrams’ very nice and humorous forward.  It is a very complimentary book to all those behind the scenes and the art work of Ryan Church and James Clyne, along with Alex Jeager, Paul Ozzimo, Neville Page, and all the rest is breathtaking!!!  Even some of my scribbles made it in which was a thrill to see, HAAAA! 

What a great showcase for some awesome and very stylized art work!!!  Scott Chambliss (The film’s Production Designer) adds a lot of info, insight, and some very kind compliments to his crew throughout, and it was a fun read and makes a great companion along with the DVD release.  OH yes!!  The burning question of what is the Enterprise’s dimensions are are finally revealed in the book so now all the fighting can stop!!!  HAAA!  Thanks to everyone that put this book together so fast, and I so love adding it to my book collection!!  Enjoy

the cover for the art of film

November 2009