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Happy Thanksgiving to our family, friends, and our Military

There are a lot of holidays throughout the year, and Thanksgiving is a particular favorite of mine.  What an awesome idea (thanks to the pilgrims, Native Americans, and early settlers of the new world) to set aside one day a year to remember all the things we are thankful for!  I have so very much to be thankful for that we have to have a little thanksgiving everyday in the Eaves’ home because we couldn’t list everything in just one day!  First I have to thank God for all He has done for me and my family and especially for healing Olivia’s arm and for curing Carlene’s cancer.  He always watches over us and carries us through the good and bad times, and especially for sending his Son to set us free and give us a home in Heaven.  Thanks to my wonderful wife, Tara, who blesses me every day in her actions and words, I love you so.  Thanks to my lovely daughters, Alicia, Amanda, Alyna, Carlene, and Olivia.  All of you make my life shine and I am so very proud of you all.  Thanks to my parents & all of my family and friends, new and old alike, and to all of my new friends from this blog.

One very special thanks goes to all of our brave men and women, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, who sacrifice daily, here and abroad, to preserve our safety and freedom.  Happy Thanksgiving to all of those with us today and especially for those who have fallen.  God bless you all and please bring comfort to the families who will be having thanksgiving with an empty chair at the dinner table this year.  My heart and prayers are with you always.  Thanks to the U.S. Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and the National Guard.  I am not a political man, but I am very patriotic and I’m so very humbled by what these brave men and women do for us regardless of the thanks or ridicule they receive!!  Be sure to give thanks and tell those around you that you appreciate them.  Life is short and unpredictable so don’t miss out on the opportunity…  Happy Thanksgiving to all.

God Bless

John Eaves

a painting of the first Thanksgiving

no one says more without ever uttering a word than Norman Rockwell

What a jewel, The cast of Beverly Hillbillies, Petticoat junction, and Green Acres,

November 2009