Happy Thanksgiving to our family, friends, and our Military » thanksgiving in iraq

thanksgiving in iraq

20031126 WDA ARMY 2168
At Schofield Barracks, the army’s 2nd Brigade is fed a Thanksgiving meal. About 500 meals (22 turkeys were cooked) were dished out for lunch at this cafeteria. This includes (l-r) Pfc Frank Ryan, Spc Richard Harshaw and Patrick Wayne. Ryan and Wayne recently returned from Iraq. Wayne said it was good to eat his turkey dinner here rather than in the desert. PHOTO BY DENNIS ODA. NOV. 26, 2003. 77KN2168.
Camera: DCS620X
Serial #: K620X-01157
Width: 1728
Height: 1152
Date: 11/26/03
Time: 14:31:03
DCS6XX Image
FW Ver: 3.2.3
TIFF Image
Look: Product
Sharpening Requested: No
Counter: [182168]
Shutter: 1/30
Aperture: f5.0
ISO Speed: 400
Max Aperture: f2.8
Min Aperture: f22
Focal Length: 14
Exposure Mode: Manual (M)
Meter Mode: Color Matrix
Drive Mode: Continuous High (CH)
Focus Mode: Manual (AF-M)
Focus Point: Center
Flash Mode: Normal Sync
Compensation: +0.0
Flash Compensation: +0.0
Self Timer Time: 10s
White balance: Preset (Fluorescent)
Time: 14:31:03.223

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