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Andy’s “D” or Johnny’s “E”

Howdy all!!! I am still full of Turkey…we grew our own this year, and it was so darned good I’ll never buy store bought again!!!  Sorry Mrs. Zacky….  Anyway, hope everyone had an exceptionally good Thanksgiving, and with that comes a query and I thought you would like to be a part of the decision process.  EFX Collectibles are gearing up for the next set of display models, and Bryan Ono asked me what I thought would better, the Enterprise D, designed by the brilliant Andrew Probert, or the Enterprise E that came from my ol’ drawing board!!!  Tough choice, I said, and suggested that we have a poll taken here to see what I am sure would be a good consensus.  I would love a big model of the E for my office, but I would like a big D also, so I am basically useless as a decider on this one.

So here it is for your comments and votes.  Let me now what you’re thinking, and I’ll pass on the news to Bryan and Barry.  Here is the link to one of my very first blog posts way back in March that has one of EFX’s first collectible pieces…they do some mighty fine work, and way down below is the link to their main page.

Have fun, and here is even more fun from some of the CG modelers over at Sci fi Meshes.  This was my first introduction to garage kits in CG, and I so wanted an opportunity to post some.  These are two awesome images of the E by Biko and the D by Jcap511.  Unbelievable talent here, as well as of what I am seeing from many of you here on the blog!!!  Below are links to their pages, so be sure to check em out…hey, if you also want to include any links to your own or some great CG you’ve seen of these two babies around the internet, feel free to include ’em with your notes.

Thanks and have fun.


just awesome work BIKO

one of jcap511's masterpiece's!!!

November 2009