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December 7th, 1979, the opening of Star trek (the motion picture) today is the 30th anniversary

Holy cow!  Today marks the 30th Anniversary of “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”…I was a senior in high school and was so excited about this opening day, as was most of my classmates, the entire yearbook class ditched out to go on opening day, and it was one of those awesome fond memory days.  The movie opened with all the fantastic VFX and the dizzying camera twist on top of the Klingon ship accompanied with the incredible Jerry Goldsmith score blasting through the speakers!!  It was Heaven!!!  More awesome VFX came with the fly by and intro to the new Enterprise, the cool Vulcan shuttle rolling and docking with the E, all the cast filing in one by one!!  Just great, but then the story began to drag and all the excitement was getting stretched out, but by the end the film was back on track with a wild ending and one awesome motion control shot of the mighty E going into warp!!!  One fun day, and I ran out and bought the soundtrack on LP and played it to death; I must have gone back 3 or 4 times to see it again and again and was so thrilled to see one of my fav shows go big screen.  Awesome times!! Happy 30th Star Trek: TMP!!

The E in V'ger


politically incorrect, a comic recollection of December the 7th, 1941

Way back in 1986, I discovered the awesome card store AHHH’s!!  They had cards for everything and almost every obscure occasion.  The store was one incredible place and left me inspired, so I decided to start my own card line for my pals on an even more obscure scale!!!  This was my first card and, being from Arizona, I had to make lite of the attack on Pearl Harbor and create a humorous 50th anniversary card!!!  If you’re politically correct or sensitive to this type of humor, it’s either time to move on to another site or toughen up a bit to enjoy the joke without being offended!  Today marks the 68th Anniversary of the start of WWII for the United States so remember those that perished on both sides with honor and reverence.

a humorous account of the sinking of the USS Arizona, December 7th, 1941

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