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the 25th anniversary of john carpenter’s “starman”

WOW!! Can’t believe it has been 25 years ago that I saw this one!!!  December 14th, 1984 marks the big day for the release of John Carpenter’s romantic space drama STARMAN.  I saw this one opening night with my way back in time girlfriend Kim Cunningham (Whose birthday is also the 14th).  We made the long trip to Meteor Crater right after seeing the movie, and the shots from the film and pictures don’t do this place justice!  It was an awesome movie, and it was great that John made a date movie so I didn’t have to go alone or with my Sci Fi Geek buddies!!!  HAAA!

I have always been a huge Carpenter fan, and he never fails to deliver one favorite movie after another!!!  This one comes on the heels of “The Thing” and “Christine” and showed another side of John’s talents and his love for Science Fiction.  This one has it all!!!  It’s one very sweet love story wrapped around a brilliant tale of intergalactic drama…and lots of helicopters, and a good portion was filmed in my home state of ARIZONA, OOOW-WAAHH!!!!

Jack Nitzsche created a beautiful electronic score that added a magical voice to the story, ILM created some awesome VFX and the roles played by Jeff Bridges, Karen Allen, Charles Martin Smith and Richard Jaekel were perfectly cast.  Dick Smith and some nutty guy named DOUG DREXLER provided some of his make up and creature expertise to the film during a transformation sequence, and Donald Morgan’s lighting is brilliant with his use of color and rich atmosphere!!  This is one great show, and be sure to look for John Carpenter’s cameo as one of the helicopter pilots.  Happy 25th, “Starman” and H.B. Kim!!!  Below are some links to the film that make for some good reading!!

Just like in Star Trek, the Voyager satellite gets picked up by an alien craft.

a beauty shot of the Voyager inside the mother-ship, very reminiscent image of ILM's work on Star Trek 2 and Poltergeist

the alien ship launches a ship of their own to investigate the planet Earth

Despite the friendly message from Voyager, we shoot down the craft as a good way to say Howdy!

down she comes

remember in the old movies the space craft would crash behind the tree line and a puff of smoke would rise above??? well not here, this crash sequence is brilliant

continued shot

wow and that was the end of the hundred acre wood

out of the crash another entity arises.

Dick Smith's transformation sequence is awesome. I don't know for sure but it looks like Doug Drexler as a baby...not as muscular but this lil guy is very Doug-ish!!

Jeff Bridges received an Oscar nomination for his performance as Scott

the lovely and talented Karen Allen

lots of Hueys and Rangers

awesome ariel sequences

Charles Martin Smith

the arival

this entire sequence was beautiful, especially with that Nitzsche score playing out

Goodbye Jenny Hayden!

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