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happy Birthday to John carpenter

It’s January  the 16th, 2010,  and it’s John Carpenter’s Birthday.  If you’re a regular here on the blog, John and his films are mentioned often, and today we all want to wish Mr. Carpenter the very best and a very Happy Birthday.  J.C.’s films were so influential to me as a youngster, and they were the cornerstone of my wanting to get into the movie business.  This summer will mark my 25th year in Hollywood, and I owe John a great deal of thanks for inspiring the path to my future!!!!

It took a while, but in 2000 I got to work on John’s “Ghosts of Mars”, and it was one cool ride.  The crew was awesome and working for JC was a great experience…a very no nonsense kind a guy and knows exactly what he wants, always complimentary and very keen & imaginative with how he sees things.  It was very easy to put his ideas down on paper and more fun to see how he would film everything once it was built.  Carpenter’s work is very unique, and his gritty & hard edged style accompanied by his dark witted humor makes him one wicked cinematic storyteller.  I love all of his films, Horror, Comedy, Drama, Sci Fi, Action, John has done them all; he’s a writer, director, editor, composer, producer, etc., and on top of it all, he and his wife Sandy are two of the nicest people you’d ever want to meet.  Below are some cool links and a credit list of John’s awesome body of work !!!  Happy Birthday John and hope you have a good one.

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