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Pin up update with miss Eileen atkinson


Today was an awesome day outside…the air was still, the sky was full of clouds, and it wasn’t too terribly cold!!!  What all this means, of course, is that it’s a perfect time to do a new pin up shoot!!  I called My buddy Mark Thompson over at his aircraft yard ( and he let us come out for another awesome shoot amongst his planes and helicopters. Mark has a very unique place,,Acres of aircraft that he dismantles and rents out to productions across the world & he has one outstanding library of manuals on just about every plane ever made! Mark and his staff are some of the nicest folks you would ever want to meet and it is always a treat to shoot at his yard,,, My friend Eileen and I have been trying to do this photo shoot for quite some time, and finally our schedules and the weather cooperated.  Eileen works as a model for the NHRA drag races and does a great deal of their promotional work, modeling for just about everything from sun glasses to oil filters.  Miss Atkinson’s work is awesome, and her portfolio caught my eye as having that look of a vintage pin up model.  She proved to be much more than that, and her look and style captured the era perfectly, adding her own take on the poses and flirty expressions.  She definitely has a passion for what she does and especially for this genre…from certain angles she has a hauntingly similarity, especially in her smile, to the famous Betty Page.  A lot of models try to imitate Betty’s look, while working with Eileen it just came natural…in saying that, Betty was the icon of what 50’s pin up looked like and in what I was seeing in Eileen’s work is a new definition of modern pin up while capturing the flirty innocence that makes pin up today so hard to capture.  Looking at what we shot today, these are some of the best pictures I have taken…Can’t wait to work on and post more!!!  It was a great day…thanks to Crystal Star for whipping up one of her magic hair doos and also to Eileen’s sister, Rebecca, who made for a most excellent reflector girl.  We shot for about two hours and ran out of time way too early, so we are going to pick up where we left off soon.  Thanks, Eileen, for all the great shots and for such a fun day!!!

this is the same shot before the magic of photoshop fixed the background and the planes broken window.

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