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Thanks for the Birthday wishes, and a pin up update with Miss Eileen Atkinson

Holy Cow n Wow!!!  Thanks everyone for all the awesome Birthday wishes!!!! Thanks Dea for the cool header, and I was quite overwhelmed by all the very nice notes from everybody!!!  Your all the BEST & Just got a chance to read everything today!!!! Work is still very insane,,,, throw in a big Weekend at Monsterpalooza, and my 3 teen daughters all going to Prom make for no free time to blog!!!! One incredibly horrible thing did happen the day after my B-day, I went into a local diner to get some breakfast and the young gal behind the counter asked if I was a SENIOR!!!!!!!! the first thought that crossed my mind was to reach for my six shooter, but I didn’t have it on me!!!  SENIOR!!! that almost ruined the whole weekend but my 8 year old said I looked handsome so all was good again, HAAAA!   Anyways Looks like easier tides are ahead and hope to get back to getting more stuff out of the shed and onto the screen, I don’t have my hard drive hooked up to throw on any art today so stay tuned for more illustrations soon. And now for the PIN UP UPDATE with the fabulous Miss Eileen Atkinson!!! These are more images from our shoot at Thompson Aviation yard from a month or so back and they turned out very, very nice!!! Eileen has one incredible talent and she has a great gift at making every picture a work of art!! These are some new favs and am glad to finally get them up for you all to see.  We are setting up a “Creature from the black Lagoon” shoot and were having the famous swimsuit that Julie Adams wore recreated,,, Can’t wait for this one and we also have a Trek shoot in the works in all three colors of dresses from the original series!!!  Eileen will be in Vegas this weekend at the NHRA Nationals at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway,, be sure to say hi if you see her modeling around the track!  OK have a great rest of the week and will do a big post on Friday,,, job load permitting

Eileen 1

Eileen in the cargo hold of the C-130,, Justin, the Cargo King of Chicago will like this one

Eileen in living color

April 2010