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far beyond the stars, part 1

WOW!!  I just found some old drawings from the DS9 days, and here are some from one of my favorite episodes, “Far Beyond the Stars.”

The premise of the episode is that Sisco is taken back in time where he is a black writer in a 1950’s publishing house, all the characters from the show, whether they are aliens are something else, are seen here in total human form, HAAA!  As the story goes, all the writers are awaiting there assignments, and the way it works is the editor walks in with a pack of drawings and he proceeds to dump them out across the table…the illustrations are of science fiction wonders, spacecraft, UFO’s, Alien abductions etc.  From here, each writer grabs a drawing and then writes a story based on that single image.  Sisco gets a drawing of a very stylized space station which is a 50’s version of the DS9 station.  What you’re about to see today are some of the drawings that were in that pouch.  Mike Okuda made my fav into a magazine cover and the rest are just plane fun.  HEY!! this must be where my fondness for pin ups started!!!



here is version #! the producers thought it was a little rough so the aliens were dropped for space men,, the title of this one was jacks make for great rocket parts

and here is the revamp

ahhh a take on the deadly mantis!!! note the front surface of the mantis's claws are the top view of the Enterprise E Nacelles

mars is on fire!!!

aaaaah Earth women are fascinating!!!

and Mikes mag cover

many years later I tried to do what my friend Mike here does and make my own cover all in the computer!!!! thanks for all the training and tips MIKE!!!


afternoon Pinup update with Anela Amareto

Anela at the Bunker

Laura at the bay

the pill box

Here are a couple more  of the amazing Anela to add to your blogging day!!! I have a good sized list of laura images to work on so I’m sharing as I’m going,, OK have a good one.



cement mixers, ball radios, and vegetable steamers, the odd inspirations for the ships of Enterprise episode 23, “fallen heroes”

Episode #23 was a big ship show in the fact that it was a hard one to nail the look that the producers were wanting to see.  We were introducing the Mazarites for the first time and the grand amount of sketches for this one was pretty immense and diverse.  Requested was a solo ship and fairly good size defense/attack ship.  Many of the concepts that were passed on were amongst my favorites, and one of the fun aspects of drawing for Enterprise was that your imagination was always at work trying to come up with new spaceship shapes, even when there were no more original shapes to come up with.  Inspiration on one particular page of ideas came from a vegetable steamer with folding sides, a portable cement mixer,especially the drum, and a round radio I saw at the music store.  All of these ships were goofy in design, to say the least, but fun to turn ordinary devices into galaxy romping spacecraft, HAAAA!  Here are a variety of shapes and concepts for you to see, and they do go off in a bunch of crazy directions…enjoy

the ball radio from the UK

solo ships #1

solo ships #2 the mixer, the ball, and the steamer

awww the good ol portable cement machine, would look mighty fine cutting thru space

the steamer,, very reminiscent of Anderson's UFO from the 60's

solo ships #3

and the approved solo ship

defense/attack ships #1

defense/attack ships #2

the lone vulcan design!

defense/attack ship #3

defense/attack ships #4

heavily armed solo ship

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