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pin up update with Anela amaretto, & eileen atkinson

anela over looking the bay

Anela at the bunker

a color close up

Anela in the ammo box

Anela OS

Anela in B&W

sizzlin Eileen

It’s pin up Wednesday,,, Here is a group of pictures from two of my favorite models, Anela Amearetto, and Eileen Atkinson.. These were two of my favorite shoots too and we have so many outstanding pictures to share from both of these awesome locations and lovely young lady’s

Anela and I are going to meet up next month for a retro swimsuit shoot, a Star Trek shoot and hopefully another military style one over at the USS Hornet. looking wat=y forward to getting bak up to the bay to work with anela and Nelson again!!! Eileen has got a couple of new themes were going to give a go. We have a custom recreation of Julie Adams swimsuit from “Creature from the Black Lagoon” being made and were going to shoot a homage to the film pin up style over at the Lagoon at the ¬†Universal backlot. Next we have a Star Trek theme and Eileen is being the face model for a Mermaid sketch I am drawing for the new Pirates movie. Lots of cool new things in the work and we have new original series Trek dress’s in blue & gold to go along with the very sleek red dress. You all have come to know both of these gals and their styles so feel free to cast a vote on what color dress you think best fits their persnality and look.

OK then on the go for another busy day so have a great Wednesday.

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