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ron cobb makes an LP,

Cobb's album cover for Jefferson Airplane

Hi All it has been a while since we have had a Ron Cobb update, and I finally got the art for this one to share with you today. Way back in 1967 Jefferson Airplane released an album called “bathing at Baxter’s and featured an awesome piece of art by no other than Mr. Ron Cobb. The painting has such classic 60’s look and feel and could easily pass for concept work for films such as “The Great Race”, or “Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines”. Who would have thought that a young Dan OBannon would be jamming to this album and then one day in the future tracking down Ron to work on his first film “Dark Star”, from their on Cobb’s would become the SCI -FI , and Fantasy legend he is today and it all started with MUSIC. Another interesting fact about Cobb and Music happened almost 20 years later in 1985. ZZ TOPP’s album “AfterBurner” had just been released and featured a song called “Rough Boy” For the Music video Ron was contacted to art direct the video and the theme was an orbital car wash and featured some ground breaking motion control VFX work that debuted in this 3 and a half minute video. I remember  watching the MTV music awards one night and amongst all the long haired wild rockers on stage there was a man who looked very much like he was at the wrong place… It wound up being Ron Cobb winning the MTV award for best art direction on a music video, HAAAA what an awesome moment in TV history,,,,, Below is the link to the video. great song, with a very 80’s feel and of coarse some brilliant design work by Cobb, and spectacular miniatures by the  world famous Mark Stetson. Stetson started in the movie bizz as a model maker on ‘Star Trek” the Motion Picture, and Blade Runner, then moving on to having his own shop called,  Stetson Visual Services, to becoming a Visual Effects Supervisor with some brilliant work on “Superman Returns”  So with that enjoy “Rough Boy” What a great flash back to a magical time. Last I checked the Cobb site is still not up and working, Hopefully one day!!!!! as we all wait with baited breath!!!!


the nostromo, part 3, the final shots

Here is the wrap up post to the final details and set up of the newly restored Nostromo miniature from  1979’s “Alien” it has been a while since the last posts were put regarding the massive restoration project, and here are a few of the last shots taken of the ship in it’s newly completed state and in her new home at the LA branch of the  “Prop Store of London”    This was one of those golden opportunities to be a part of and thanks go without measure to Monty and all the gang at Grant McCune Design and Brandon at PSOL for letting me be a part of the team…Enjoy the last few images and soon I’ll put together a scrapbook of all the pictures we took…. OK have fun and Happy Thursday everybody

the nose n cockpit

high view,, note the Apache helicopter canopy serves as the main viewing window

high view, looking to the rear

high rear view

rear view looking forward of one of the dorsal engines

looking forward

high n pulled back view of the nose

low nose view


Miss Eileen, star fleet officer in blue

Eileen in blue

Here is Miss Eileen in Blue

Here is Miss Eileen showcasing the Original Series Blue dress with awesome elegance!!!!! It was the end of the day and we had had enough of the wind so we did a few minutes of extra shots in the Blue outfit and the results are breathtaking,,, As much as I like her in the red dress the blu quickly became my fav!!! The color really accented Eileen’s eyes and hair with a beautiful contrast to the dark backgrounds we were shooting against.. Thanks Eileen for an awesome day of picture taking.


Eileen Atkins is Miss Star Trek

Eileen/trek 1

Alyna and Eileen

Saturdy May 1st,  Elieen Atkinson and I finally got together to shoot our long overdue Star Trek shoot. We have been talking about doing this theme for a while now and bad weather and  bad work schedules kept putting us off.. Saturday morning was awesome out but by the time we got to shooting time the wind was getting bad and very uncooperative!!! we could only shoot on the back side of the rocks we were at and then only facing one direction so that Eileen’s hair would blow away, instead of across her face. It was challenging to say the least and many of the pictures the wind did ruin but the ones that worked out did so phenomenally!!! The Trek dress’s are basically a tube of fabric with sleeves and need a lot of pining in the back to add a bit of custom tailoring. Un so with Eileen, they looked like they were made for her and the fit was extremely flattering. Eileen is such a good sport and fearless in going the extra mile to make a shot work. Her boots had an an extreme lift with massive heels putting her at 6 foot plus in height. she had to walk n crawl up jagged rock faces and boulders of every size. Eileen not only captured the essence of the original series but she completely dominated the style adding her own pin up flare to the shoot and creating some really breathtaking images. Here is the first of her Star Trek Series and looking forward to posting more. Many of these prints will be debuted at Wonderfest  in two weeks so if you would like Eileen to sign anything let me know this week and I am sure she would be happy to do so…. My little daughter Alyna was with us and she was one excited and rascally little thing. She was trying to find the next place to shoot at and she really enjoyed her day at the shoot. The location we were at is a small outcropping of Rocks in Apple Valley and it is the same location where Universal International filmed “Tarantula” in 1955.

Here is a scene from Jack Arnold's "Tarantula" with the rocky location in the background.

the same location today

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