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Eileen Atkins is Miss Star Trek

Eileen/trek 1

Alyna and Eileen

Saturdy May 1st,  Elieen Atkinson and I finally got together to shoot our long overdue Star Trek shoot. We have been talking about doing this theme for a while now and bad weather and  bad work schedules kept putting us off.. Saturday morning was awesome out but by the time we got to shooting time the wind was getting bad and very uncooperative!!! we could only shoot on the back side of the rocks we were at and then only facing one direction so that Eileen’s hair would blow away, instead of across her face. It was challenging to say the least and many of the pictures the wind did ruin but the ones that worked out did so phenomenally!!! The Trek dress’s are basically a tube of fabric with sleeves and need a lot of pining in the back to add a bit of custom tailoring. Un so with Eileen, they looked like they were made for her and the fit was extremely flattering. Eileen is such a good sport and fearless in going the extra mile to make a shot work. Her boots had an an extreme lift with massive heels putting her at 6 foot plus in height. she had to walk n crawl up jagged rock faces and boulders of every size. Eileen not only captured the essence of the original series but she completely dominated the style adding her own pin up flare to the shoot and creating some really breathtaking images. Here is the first of her Star Trek Series and looking forward to posting more. Many of these prints will be debuted at Wonderfest  in two weeks so if you would like Eileen to sign anything let me know this week and I am sure she would be happy to do so…. My little daughter Alyna was with us and she was one excited and rascally little thing. She was trying to find the next place to shoot at and she really enjoyed her day at the shoot. The location we were at is a small outcropping of Rocks in Apple Valley and it is the same location where Universal International filmed “Tarantula” in 1955.

Here is a scene from Jack Arnold's "Tarantula" with the rocky location in the background.

the same location today

May 2010