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the art of Helix, or an exercise in futility!

Way back almost 10 years ago a new show called “Enterprise” was in the works  and the creative team from DS9 headed by Trek Legends (Production Designer) Herman Zimmerman and (Graphics Designer)Mike Okuda were getting the group together to flesh out Paramount’s new venture into Star Trek and TV. The majority of the DS9 crew came back with some new additions, Louise Dorton from “Voyager” came on as art Director, Anna Packard from “ST the experience” joined on as set designer, and she was very expectant with her first baby making the distance between her tummy and the drawing table quite a reach. all together the art department was this. in graphics and playback there was Mike and Denise Okuda, Anthony Fredrickson, The world famous Jim Van Over, and the iconic Doug Drexler. in the art department there was illustrator extraordinaire, Jim Martin, myself, Fritz Zimmerman, Anthony (Tony) Bro, Anna Packard, and Berndt Heidelman, with Herman and Louise as the designers. Craig Binkly joined us as well as the prop designer. we all started the show running and the first thing to hit the desk was the new Enterprise which proved to be a hellish project that went solely to Doug Drexler about a month and a half into the project. Herman pulled me away from the E to start on ship interiors and mainly the new race of bad guys the “Sulibon” they were to be a gumby-ish, stretch Armstrong, rubbery typed aliens with cup cake sprinkle patterned skin. Anyways this group had a bizarre mathematical style to their existence and architecture so we tried to immolate that in there ship designs. the script read that there main ship  was a massive helix with all their little Cell ships making up a good portion of the ships exterior. so with that came this first massive drawing, that when seen by the producers came back with a note stating; When we say Helix we don’t mean Helix!!! this started a very long drawing process of creating a helix that wasn’t a helix but actually was kind of a helix yet had to be a helix but not exactly a helix but sorta like a helix without being an exact helix that in the end was a great big HELIX!, HAAAA! this brought back a wash of sad and silly memories, HAAA! The drawing itself was a big 24X36 marker, ink, and massive cut n paste, in the old traditional style and is still in pretty good shape today!

the helix

cu 1



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