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pretty in pink, pin up update with Miss Andrea VanLandingham

Hi all and happy last weekend of JUNE!!!. Thanks for all the fun comments from “Jaws week” ¬† ¬†That was a fun post and loved all the stories everyone shared!!!! Today is another fun post and it features pictures of my friend Andrea, she is new to the pin up updates here and even more exciting info about her is this is only her second photoshoot. From the pictures you can see she is a pro and has such confidence and an incredible gift for, and passion for pin up & vintage photography!!! It was a great shoot and we were lucky to be able to spend a few hours at the Traveltown in Burbank!!! It took a lot of conversations to get permission to shoot there and understandably so because that privilege could easily be abused. Since these were for fun and personal use they let us in and it was an incredible place to take pictures!!! The bright contrast of Andrea to the dark and black backgrounds made for some beautiful images!!! Andrea is so much fun to shoot with and quite fearless at climbing all over the train cars to get in the best positions!!!! She is a tall one and with her heels on she towered at about 6 feet tall!!! That awesome pink hair had a natural glow to it and cast a glow around a lot of the pics!!! No Photoshop need here!!! HAAA! After the shoot we took a quick backlot tour of Universal and Andrea knows her old movies like there is no tomorrow!!! At the Psycho house, there is now an actor who plays Norman Bates for the tour. As we got closer to the motel he hopped up and was incredible at capturing the essence of young Mr. Bates!! He never broke character as we talked and got a few phone pictures with him!!! Haaa! It was one cool afternoon, Thanks Andrea!!!!! and I think she would be a great candidate for a classic Trek Shoot???? Here are some of the pics from the shoot!!! Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Andrea 1

andrea 2

Andrea 3, we added smoke n lights to the train in the background!!!

Andrea 4

andrea 5

my personal favorite!

andrea 7

andrea 8, my other fav!!!

andrea 9

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