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Laurel Rae, and Ashley Lindroth,,,, a pin up update

Hi fellow bloggers, I have to tell ya it has been BUSY, BUSY, BUSY, here at work and there has been no time to post anything new sorry to say,,, I never even got to finish the text for the Mad Max Thunderdome post except for the title and it was to be a big one to say the least,, HAAAA!   I’ll update it as soon as I can so stay tuned, I had a couple of minutes today so here is a quick update post,,, It’s finally here,,,, Comicon starts this Wednesday and can’t wait to get there and report back on all the new events and special highlights from the show, This Friday is followed up with a pin up shoot aboard the USS Midway with new comer Miss Ashley Lindroth,  Ashley and I have been planning this shoot for several months and it’s gonna be a fun one to be sure, Ashley’s work is awesome and she has picked out one really cool vintage outfit to wear aboard the the ship. Miss Lindroth’s style is a mixture of classic pin up, a bit of rockabilly, and an edgy retro pin up with a lot of sass and attitude. I first saw some of her work in a classic hot rod pictorial series and was so impressed by her incredible confidence with working the camera,,, I was so glad to catch up with her for this Navy shoot and sure she’ll have a lot of new fans from here when we start getting the pictures up.  This September it’s back to Arizona to shoot in Tucson and especially at the Pima Air Museum once more. My friend Laurel Rea and I are setting up a new shoot and I can’t wait to work with her again. She has a very unique and artistic style to the way she approaches modeling and her work is always very creative on every level. Laurel can twist and bend into just about any configuration for the perfect shot,,, most of her pretzely positions would put most in the hospital with snapped spines, but she flows from one to another with sleek style and perfect execution.. I’m a big fan and I’m honored to get the opportunity to work with her again. She has gotten a lot of comments here from our first shoot and I’m so glad so many of you here love her awesome talents.   So with that here is a fav from the Laurel files, and a shot of Ashley from her pin up lifestyle portfolio.

Enjoy and more to come this week from Comicon..

the ever lovely laurel,

July 2010