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how to build a flying saucer from (race to witch mountain) part 1

By popular demand here is the plans and design process for the exterior of the flying saucer from Disney’s “Race to Witch Mountain” I had touched upon this in an earlier post and a lot of you wanted more so here it is. the show called for a flying saucer and I have always wanted to do  a 50’s style ship and it was one big thrill to get the opportunity!!!! My boss David Bomba gave me some quick dimensions that it had to be because a practical was to be built for the set, as well as for the special effects department. the dimensions were so small that the ship was almost a box!!! akk the lines were retained as the ship was passed on to Billy Hunter, the art department CG modeler.. he was the one that got the go ahead to let us stretch out the dimensions to make for a much more sleek and dynamic craft. the ship was broken up into 4 rib like sections and 4 counter suck surface panels,, this would help with breaks in the ship for the carpenters that had to build the full sized ship. a silver chromed like paint scheme was established for the final and what you see in one of the drawings is the burned and battered version of that chrome look. to make our saucer a little different from what has come before, we thought of the ship producing a saturn like energy ring around it’s equator when it would transform into flying mode!!! this idea went through a series of passes and the final VFX were really awesome to see on film.. So with that all said here are the complete plans for the saucer and there will be more to come on the interior and production stills of the actual saucer construction.. enjoy

variations of the energy ring

the burned little ship

plan views #1

plan views #2


Miss lacy lane, a red dress encounter

lacy on a blustery day

to windy to fly

A few months back, Lacy lane and her husband Johnny where enroute from Nebraska to Palmdale, CA. and we all got together during their travels for a quick photoshoot. We had very little time so we did three locations and three outfit changes in under an hour and a half. These two pictures at the airport were Lacy’s idea, she saw an old vintage painting of a pin up gal having her hat a dress blown by a small prop plane,, well in Palmdale you don’t need a prop to blow your hat off,,, just go outside, and as a matter of fact the wind did catch her hat and we chased forever down the tarmac, HAAA! Anyways the timing and lighting was perfect so we met at Fox field in Lancaster for the first part of this fun shoot. Next we were off to Edwards AFB and saw this Sandy patch off the side of the road,,,, A PERFECT LOCAL FOR A QUICK RED DRESS ENCOUNTER!!!!, Lacy had to change into the mini in there little car and in moments we were capturing some awesome vintage Trek shots!!! Lacy captured the essence with great ease and sleek style, and she had the most awesome pair of boots to make the red dress series complete.. Johnny and Lacy where an awesome team and my wife Tara and daughter Alyna were all there to look after Lacy’s needs. lots of fun and hope you dig these great pictures.. the Edwards stuff will be coming soon!!!

set phasers to kill

the away mission


pin up update with Miss Ashley Lindroth

Well folks thanks for the warm welcome and so glad to be back!!!! Even in the midst of all the business I managed to squeeze in some pin up shoots and the pictures you are a about to see are of my friend Ashley Lindroth.. This was one very fun shoot and it took place over Comicon weekend last July in San Diego. Nelson Ashley and I met on board the USS Midway  for the shoot and that alone was one heck of a treat!!! What a cool ship and one awesome location for a vintage location!!! Ashley had picked up a beautiful blue and white Navy dress and some way cool earrings to make her outfit one fine addition to the shoot.  She has one very sleek and elegant style to her posing and look and she made every picture perfect. She is one awesome talent and it was such a treat to work with her. Ashley looks great in either color or B&W and it was hard to decide what I liked best so you get the best of both worlds in the pictures today!!!!  Thanks Ashley for the great day!!!!  below is Ashley’s link to her pinup lifestyles page,, be sure to go have a visit and see some of her awesome work!!!       Later that afternoon “” had it’s launch party (also aboard the Midway) and William Shatner landed on board via helicopter to start the party off with some interviews and fun times.  Levar Burton, and Brent Spiner were there as well as the Chiodo Brothers Dean Foster and a whole host of other fun sci Fi folks.The party went way into the night and the ship and the San Diego skyline was one really breathtaking site!!! OK then so with that here are some fun pics and hope you enjoy Ashley’s work as much as Nelson and I had working with her!!!

Ashley ever so glamorously boards the deck copter

one of my favs!! Ashley at the back of the F-14

Bombs away in B&W

bombs away in color

Ashley and the F-4

Ashley and the Corsair

Ashley in lovely B&W

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