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props from Star trek 200

car wash device

Howdy all, today’s post features some of the prop concepts for J.J. Abrams  “Star Trek.” My boss for this phase of production was Prop Master Russell Bobbet. Russell was one of the only other guys on the show that got in as early and sometimes earlier than me, HAAA!!! Russell was great fun to work with and he has one witty sense of design incorporating new ideas into the worlds he is trying to make real.  A lot of times he’ll put the extra twist into the props, more so than what is written in the script. He really knows how to push the technologies a bit further than originally imagined. For example in “Iron Man II”, Tony Stark has a pocket projector device that he pulls out and projects images and dialog into the air. We drew several fairly down to earth ideas and Russell comes in one day and says; What do you say we just make it a tiny piece of glass and all the technology is hidden within it, so basically it’s like an iPhone but layered and transparent! What a cool idea and if you have seen the movie it turned out to be one awesome prop that had a lot of believability as something you might see in your own hands in a year or so. The same was true with Trek , Russell was always trying to push that envelope a little further. At one point in the film Young Kirk’s mom’s boyfriend has an old classic Mustang and Kirk is ordered to go out and wash it, so we had to come up with a futuristic car wash machine but one that would be had by a common man who puts all his love into toys ‘n cars. So what you see is a rolling caddy that has just about everything you would need to do your car right all in one unit. As the film moved on the car changed and the car wash machine was scrapped but it was a fun idea to put down onto paper. Prop two is of some medical instruments, another Bobbett brain child, that took the MRI one step further. This was designed for Kirk’s mother as she gives birth aboard one of the Kelvin medical shuttles in the opening of the film. The idea was that the doctor would run a mouse-type device across mom’s stomach and the read-out and live transmissions would be seen by the doctor through special optical glasses. The designs show a broad range of ideas. These too in the end were ideas that got left behind.  Lastly, are some holster and belt concepts for the cadet and officer uniforms. Lots of fun for sure and hard to believe this was all done over 3 years ago. Holly Cow does time fly so with that all said and done, enjoy! …and more tomorrow…

medical devices

holsters n belts

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