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Miss Katy Awful, a red dress story

katy 1

Two weeks ago I made my annual Tucson Arizona trip and met with some old friends and some new ones for some awesome pin up style photoshoots. I had met Katy via her Model Mayhem page and we got together at the Pima Air and space Museum for a vintage style aviation themed pin up. Katy’s sleek style and elegant way of posing for the camera made for some very beautiful pictures. She has a very inventive imagination when it comes to outfit choices and in the first set of shots at the museum she wore a lovely formal gown that really put a gorgeous twist to the look that we are all so familiar with. We shot two wardrobe sessions at the park the pictures she took there are breathtaking!!! We talked about shooting a red dress theme before I had to go and Katy was pretty excited about it.. She found the location in the mountains above old Tucson and did quite a bit of research on the old 60’s characters. we meet again two days later at this awesome rocky location and she hops out of the car with the coolest Trek style Hair doo, (which she did herself) and some classic fishnet style stockings. Katy has a magical presence about her not to mention she has a towering figure coming in at 6 foot 2, She is a very unique and gifted young lady and she has the world before her to do what ever she wants. Modeling is her artistic outlet and she shines ever so brightly using herself as the medium  in which she creates her art!!! Thanks Katy and for all you pin up fans your in for a great treat. enjoy and as always there will be more to come. Also be sure to check out the next spot I’m working on for, Katy will be the special red dress guest for the next article.

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