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John carpenter’s ghosts of mars, the art of part 2

Well it’s been 10 years since this art was done for the film and it only seems like yesterday,,, I love that the internet is what it is and we can all share things lost in drawers for over a decade. As I often mention John Carpenter and Sandy King are two of my favorite people in Hollywood and working for them is always a blast. John is¬†currently¬†wrapping up on his new film “The Ward” which from what I have seen looks Awesome, and Sandy most likely has a hundred and one projects in the works. Going back in time to early 2000 Bill elliot hired my friend Joe Musso and myself on to help design the look of “JC’sGOM” We worked together for about 8 weeks getting all the architecture, props, and storyboards done for the film. principle photography was to be done in a Gypsum mine in New mexico with a few scattered interiors in LA. Hunter/Gratzner would handle the VFX and miniature work while KNB would handle the make up end of things! This was one very fun show to draw for and the amount of work we all cranked could easily fill an 18 wheeler. Lots of fun and lots of memories. So with all that said enjoy part 2 of the art of “The Ghosts of Mars”

the train engine, Magnetic propulsion system, 60 feet in length

this was a sketch of the trains interior used as a breakdown of the compartments for the full sized set to be built from in NM

here's the finished set piece

the miniature built by Hunter/Gratzner

this was in the original script and later re-imagined but when it was in the story this piece is what houses the ghosts and the curse of Mars, once it is discovered by an alien invader,, in the movies case, Earth, the simple touch of the intruders hand would break the seal and release the curse which would one by one possess each and every inhabitant of the planet until every one is either killed or taken over.

this was the early concept for the Shining Canyon mine!!!! in the end it wound up being just to big of an idea. What you see of the in the final film version, the mine is basically an excavation site.

after a blasting run , two miners make an unnatural and unearthly discovery

Actress Joanna Cassidy leads the miners into the mysterious Square shaft

the Shining Canyon mine's shanty town

the full sized set in New Mexico

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