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the military shuttle from Star trek, 2009

Here are some images from the final designs that would become the military shuttle during Kirks academy days. This one took a while to get to this point because we had a lot of budget issues to put into the design on how to modify this blueprint to double and triple for the other shuttles that would be represented in the final film… After a long design process this was the concept that moved forward, and it did get redressed  to accommodate the many different ships you see in the bay and in flight.  The initial design of the high nacelles came early on but we went through a lot of different ideas and changes before this idea came back to be modified into what you see in the sketches. The windows changed drastically from this version and this one aslo was to be where Scotty lived and worked on Delta Vega,, The two interiors are the same just redressed for the military version verses Scotty’s version,, Scotty’s interior features all of his transporter ideas and studies as well as a lot of Scottish/and original series personal artifacts. lots of fun where these drawings to work on and I was collaborating closely with (art Director) Curt Beech on these and we had a good time. He’s one funny and talented man with an endless supply of pranks and jokes. In the end he did suffer from the dreaded Limburger cheese attack, HAAA!!!! some real good times.

versions a and b, the lower left ship made the cut
military cockpit wall details
under belly details and landing gear
interior view, (military)
and Scotty’s interior. not a lot of people know that Scotty was supposedly a Rat Fink fan, if you look carefully you might see what I mean…

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