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Kiowa, the loss of my Daughters horse

Well folks this has been one awful and tragic week. Last Sunday 10-10-10 we were having a big family day at home and My daughters Alicia and Olivia went out to let their horses run in the arena before a sunset trail ride. Alicia’s Horse Kiowa took off with a most beautiful prancy run and then into a full gallop and loving every minute as she ran around the yard. She came around a corner and into the sun and with a high spirited buck she got her leg caught in the fence and was thrown down to the ground. We were all watching and ran to her side as fast as we could. She was hurt bad and the girls had her in their laps and were trying so hard to comfort her as she laid there in pain. Being a Sunday it took over an hour and about 20 calls to finally find a vet that was on duty. My wife found one not to far from us and when he got there and checked her out the diagnosis was very bad and unfixable so she had to be put down. Kiowa was Alicia’s first horse of her own and she has had her since she was 10, and in a few short weeks she will be celebrating her 18th Birthday.. Kiowa was more than a horse, she was Alicia’s partner, best friend, buddy and together they were a perfect team. We have all been devastated this week and have found it hard to do anything without breaking down, but we all have each other and the lord has been watching over us so that has kept us strong.  Alicia and Olivia are some pretty strong cowgirls and they are writing poems and making movies in celebration of their fallen horse Kiowa. Despite this horrible loss they are so glad and thankful for having Kiowa in their lives and for all the memories and life lessons that this beautiful horse has taught them.  A lot of friends here on the blog know about my family and always send notes and comments in regards too and with that I thought I would post this here to share some pictures and video’s of one of our fallen family members. Thanks to everyone that visits here and I hope you enjoy some memories of Kiowa.


running home

rounding the barrels

Alicia and Kiowa getting ready to run at last summers weekly thursday afternoon barrel race

Olivia and Chubs on the left and Alicia and Kiowa on the right at the Filmore rodeo

crossing the finish line

weaving thru the poles

one of my faves Alicia, Olivia, and Kiowa, Best friends forever


October 2010