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fundraiser confusion

Howdy all, There was a bit of confusion with the fotki site. I was using it as a place to show the images but the site itself had a purchase set up so if you got anything there please cancel that out because the quality and pixel size varies as it was only to be used as a viewing site. Sorry all. Me bad so I pulled the Fotki page down and have a new link up,,, Remember to only use it as a a catalog of images and please don’t use the “put in cart” feature. Thanks, and sorry again for any confusion.



the fundraiser auction continues

Miss laurel Rea


Howdy all and thanks for all the great notes and orders for the “Help Alicia get a new horse” fundraiser. Below is a new link to a great deal of images and pin up pictures available for the auction. Due to popular demand for the pin up pictures in addition to the art I called most of the pin up gals that you all have read about here and they all were more than happy to add their pictures to the fundraiser. Miss laurel rea leads the way here as well as the Enterprise-E. I am sure I missed a great deal of images off of the blog so feel free to request anything you see their that I missed when putting the link together. Hopefully this new link will make it easier to see things and using the red boxed numbering system will make it easy to Id that image that your wanting to snag. Yesterdays post has the price breakdown and for all you international readers shipping over seas is not a problem. continue to use the email from yesterdays post to make an order and the options to pay are either thru paypal, check, or Western Union. OK thanks again from all the kind notes and donations to help Alicia out!!!! Have a fun and enjoy all the new images.


Ok the below link is for viewing only!!!! The “put in cart” feature is disabled, When you find one you like, write down the name or # and send me an email and we can go from there!!!!!

Thanks and sorry bout the confusion with the Fotki site from earlier

Ghosts of Mars, mining colony
daniza 3

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