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Happy Thanksgiving 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to all from the Eaves Family.  Traditionally this is an American holiday, and I am not sure if it has become a day of Thanksgiving recognized internationally yet, but if not, I hope that one day it would be.  No matter where you live and no matter what your circumstances are, there are so many things to be thankful for.  Since this blog started almost two years ago a lot of heavy issues have hit our home, cancer with my step daughter Carlene, the loss of my daughter Alicia’s horse, as well as many other trials that life throws our way.  Through it all there are so many people that I only know from written comments who have now become great friends and  have let their hearts show with prayers and good thoughts for my family.  Thank you everyone from around the world who has taken the time to share your experiences of joy and pain and brought us all closer together  through these times.  We are a family blessed indeed with such kindness, and we are all so thankful for what this blog has brought to our home.  We are a Christian family, and we give thanks to our lord for always watching over us and for those everywhere.  We are a patriotic family, not a political one, and we love our country and what it stands for

On this day we want to give thanks  to a group of men and women who stand high above as heroes without measure.  These men and women serve in the United States Army, The United States Air Force, The United States Marines, The United States Navy, and The United States Coast Guard.  These brave individuals sacrifice all for our freedom as well as the freedoms of other countries around the world.  They are a noble group that I have such great admiration and respect for.  This Thanksgiving we give thanks to you all that are home, abroad and especially for those that have fallen and won’t be coming home.  Many homes will have an empty chair at their tables tomorrow and our thoughts and prayers will be with you.  Thank you to these families who have children and spouses that serve so bravely.  Happy Thanksgiving to all and have a blessed day.

This is a 1945 Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post cover celebrating Thanksgiving with a mother and her (soldier) son peeling potatoes

one of my most favorite photos of a convoy of soldiers praying for each others safety

Thanksgiving dinner while on duty!

A group of Marines having a pretty good looking Thanksgiving feast

Thanksgiving with the Air Force

Thanksgiving with the Navy

giving thanks

Thanks to our Coast Guard

here is a great illustration of George Washington praying for his men before they go into battle.

And a special thanks to those fallen.

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