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by popular demand, Alicia’s fundraiser is back


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Howdy all and thanks for all the support with Alicia’s Fundraiser to get a new horse. Alicia has done very well with the auction so far and has almost reached her goal with a lot of support from all our friends here on the blog. There have been tons of special requests for specific pieces and combinations of illustrations, as well as for the fundraiser to keep going for one more turn, so here ya go. All the requests have been granted and created as well as the listing of my special cachets and anniversary covers. What these are, are artwork or a photo montage created to celebrate the anniversary of either a historical event of aviation or to celebrate an anniversary of a favorite film, the art work is then printed on a # 11 envelope and sent to the location (city, country, or state) and then is cancelled on the anniversary date at the corresponding post office,, way cool collection items especially because they are numbered and limited to that amount,, I have been collecting these for years and then started making my own in 2003 because no one was making them for movie anniversaries. Listed below are the two original links to the first set of art and prints from the original fundraiser and two more links have been added to accommodate the new art and special pieces as well as a list of all the covers. To place an order send me an email to and list the name or # of the piece and what size you would like and I’ll get your fundraiser pack ready to go. Payments are accepted from the following; paypal, money order, or personal check. also if you like anything you order can be signed or personalized, and Alicia has made a special picture and thank you card that also comes with each picture, and combined shipping is always available.print prices are (13X19’s are $25.00 additional prints after 2 are $20 plus shipping which is about $6 to $9 depending on weight and where it is going, international is anywhere from $6 to $15) (11X17’s are $20 and additional prints after 2 are $15 plus shipping wich is about the same as the above) (8.5X11’s are $15 and additional prints after 2 are $10. plus shipping which is about $4. to $6. depending again on weight and where it is going to, International is $6 to $12). So with all that said here is another big Thanks to everyone for their help, and especially for all the extra kind notes and prayers for Alicia. Such a great group of folks and friends I have met here.

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