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Alexandra gunn, a pin up update

alex and the red dress #1

Happy new year Everyone, it’s finally 2011, and I’m so looking forward to the start of a new year and sharing more stuff from the world of Hollywood and Star Trek with you all.  This March will mark the second anniversary of the blog and there will be a whole lot of new Starship dedications to many of the readers here, as well as interviews with some of the cast & crew and a whole lot of art and photos from the Trek world.  So without any further delays, here we go….

For the first official post of the new year I want to introduce you to Alexandra Gunn.  Alex is fairly new to the modeling world with about 6 months of work to her credit, and without hesitation I would say she has all it takes to go very, very, far.  She is very passionate about the art, and she can really capture a fantastic array of styles and eras both elegantly and also in the true spirit of the vintage past.  Alex and I met for the first time a few weeks back at Mark Thompson’s aviation yard, and the ground was still covered in snow.  Despite the weather, Alex had her heart set on doing a good part of the shoot in a leopard print dress and ignored the elements to capture a series of very beautiful images.  Both her parents were there to lend a hand & be a part of the shoot, and they are a great inspiration for her.

Alex loves to sing and has just won an acting and modeling contract and is about to head off to Texas to follow her dream.  Inspired by the sirens of the silver screen, Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe, Alex tries to follow in their style from a bygone era making everything she does a homage but also making her style very much her own.  Alex is 19 , lives in Palmdale CA, and at 5’3 she thought modeling might not be something she could do successfully with the commonly accepted thought that you have to be extremely tall to make it big.  Alex proves that theory wrong and has created some of my most favorite pictures.  For our last shoot, Alex took on the Star Trek Red Dress theme and so wonderfully conquered the look and feel of the 60’s adding her own style and mark with this fun running series.

Be sure to stay tuned for more of Alex as she is about to go Brunette, and hopefully before she makes it to the big time we can catch her for another shoot . OK then, enjoy the work of Alex and be sure to check out her Model Mayhem page by following the link below.

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