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forbbiden planet, the 55th anniversary

March the 15th, 1956,  MGM released one of the first big budget Science Fiction films ever,  and was a huge block buster and now is considered one of the most beloved classics that the studio has ever produced.  Sci-fi was not a theme that a major studio wanted to back financially in the early days, but seeing the reactions of audiences that would attend small budget space movies inspired  MGM to take the gamble of making a major motion picture based on a fantastic Science Fiction story set in Deep space. Obviously the gamble payed off, and the movie inspired a look and culture that we still see copied in features today. The film was ground breaking on many levels with state of the art special effects, miniature & stage work, and a very realistic mixture of hand animation intermixed with live action shots. MGM was one of the main studios that pioneered animation and live action, not only with Forbidden Planet, but 11 years earlier in 1945’s “Anchors Aweigh” where Gene Kelly dances with Jerry mouse from the famous Tom and Jerry shorts. “Forbidden Planet” was based on a story by Irving Block, & Allen Adler, with a screenplay by Cyril Hume, and masterfully directed by Fred McLeod. Starring Leslie Nielsen (who passed away last year on Nov. the 28th 2010), and Anne Francis, (who passed away a month and a half later on Jan. the 2nd, 2011) the supporting cast was a wonderful ensemble of actors that went on to have equally amazing careers. The film introduced a new character who without a doubt is probably one of the best known figures of all time and he isn’t even human. Robby the Robot, created by Robert Kinoshita stands as one of the most popular movie robots of all time. Mr. Kinoshita also designed the B9 robot from “Lost in Space” and between the two it’s hard to say which one is the top fan favorite. On so many levels this film is not only a classic and a milestone of cinematic achievement, it’s overall an awesome movie to watch. Every time I get a chance to watch this one I see something new and like it more than the last time. My 9 year old daughter Alyna loves this picture and because of the classics she’s going to be a Sci Fi maniac by the time she’s 18. She’s a lover of space drama and it is a such a treat as a parent to watch these old films with her as everything is new and amazing from her point of view.  Lots of screen grabs to see and enjoy, and I hear the new blue Ray version is the way to see “Forbidden Planet” weather your a fan or someone who wants to see it for the first time.

opening titles

George Wallace is the actor on the left, He played Commando Cody in the Republic serial "Radar Men to the Moon" in the early 50's followed by Leslie Nielsen, and Warren Stevens on the right

George Wallace as Cody

note the shadow of the 57-D saucer is created with a different color of ground

the introduction of Robby the Robot

the home of Morbius

Walter Pidgeon as Morbius

Anne Francis

the hate to love relationship begins

the big kiss

the Krell Laboratories

Help me Obi Won Kanobie,, I mean it's Anne Francis in 3D

the invisible horror approaches.

a casting of what left the prints in the sand

fighting a hidden enemy

Monsters of the ID as seen in the force field barrier

more of the ID

Morbius is made to realize that the Monsters are coming from his own imagination

morbius relaizes that to kill the monsters of his mind he has the them kill him

Morbius's last request is to hit the self destruct sequence to end the horror of the Krell, the destruct trigger is copied heavily in the self destruct mechanism aboard the Nostromo from "Alien"

reaching escape distance before the blast

Robby is now a part of the crew, and note his cardboard legs,, The actual legs could not bend this way so a quick solution was to paint them on board and hope nobody would notice.

the destruction of Altar 4 as seen from space, another scence closly copied in Alien

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