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Ryan dening, an artist extraordinare,

WOW!!!!! I just had a moment to hang out on the computer and browse a bit and I came across a website and a blog by RYAN DENING!!!! Ryan was my boss on the Star Trek online game when Perpetual was putting the game together. We met in 06 and I started working remotely with a visit up to the bay about once a month to meet and go over all the new lists of things to be rendered. Ryan was hired to be the design boss for the game and what an awesome talent he is. When I first walked in the office, which was very tiny and very dark you could see his art work being modeled or manipulated on every screen as you walked through the halls of computers. Ryan has an incredible sense of design and his passion for Star Trek was without limits. I was a huge fan from the first day and I loved his style of color & tight perspective on how he would choose to set up a rendering. AWESOME talent and one incredibly nice guy!!!  I am so glad to have come across his pages today and so glad to be sharing some of his work with you.. I attached both his links in my blog role so be sure to go check out some incredible stuff!!! So for know hold on to your chair and feast your eyes on some of Ryan’s fantastic illustrations.

The Excalibur, STO's flagship

the sacagawea

some cool interior

Wow an Abrams which has been Denisized!!!

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