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  1. March 13, 2012 at 2:49 am

    John, beautiful close-ups of Greg’s K-7 for “Trials….”. I loved the model work in this episode. It was the only Ds9 Episode I ever taped (At the time of…..DVR or DVD!) I loved the homage. I also wanted to say kudo’s to you for being straightforward about who designed what, who built what, etc. Your work is fantastic and stands out as always. However, I always appreciate when you point out other peoples work, CLEARLY and with honesty. You are always great about that. You never leave it ambiguous as to who has done what. You Sir, are a professional till the end and a designer beyond the norm. I would love to build and see more of your ships. One day, I truly hope to get to build one of your designs. I still love that great initial design for the Holo-Ship from ST: Insurrection. It was very StarFleet and had the kind of shape a landscape would fade off to in all directions. Certainly much more clear than the more Borg style design. Hey, Everything is subjective. I’m sure some prefered the reverse. Either way, your paper & marker design work is some of best I have ever seen. I love your style and sense of design. I’d love to see a ship dsigned by you but that would exist in the Space Battleship Yamato universe. I would love to see what your mind’s eye would come up with. If course, I mean for the good guys. IF you check up on the anime series, you’ll see that the EarthShips have the designation EDF (Earth Defense Force). so,they’ll be like EDF Cruisers, EDF Destroyers, EDF Battleships, etc.

    Since there just isn’t ONE great site, it’s best to do a google search under images for “space battleship yamato various EDF ships” and you will get hundreds of pics that can take you down many,many rabbit holes. I’d be curious about your impressions if and when you ever get the time for it.

    Well, I hope you are doing well and would love to hear from you when you have a moment.

    Rob Bonchune

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