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Suzieg, aka Miss dixie of new jersey, a pin up update

Howdy all and Happy Friday!  Thanks for all the great notes and stories on the 25th of Top Gun earlier this week, and to start the weekend off right, you all get a special double Friday pin up update.  The below post celebrating the 21st Birthday of miss Kendell Clements, and in this post the introduction to the very Lovely Miss SuzieG. Suzy and I met as fans of each others’ work a few weeks back, and after a few conversations a big shoot was set.  While texting a message last week, I spelled Suzie wrong enough that spell check turned her into a Dixie,  so now Miss G has a new nickname to go along with her real one, HAAAA! Suzie and her husband are flying out from NJ for a week in San Diego come the end of June, and for a couple of hours she is going to sneak away for a pin up shoot aboard the USS Midway and to finish off the theme, Suzie is going to treat us all to her take in the much requested Star Trek Red Dress series.

Miss G’s background is high fashion, which she does ever so elegantly, and she has dabbled into a pin up with a couple of pics and she has set a very high bar in that arena as well.  This is one highly anticipated shoot and can’t wait to work with Suzie at some very cool locations….  Stay tuned for more updates as they come along, and below is a link to follow to check out more of Miss G’s work.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

Miss Dixie


pin up update with miss birthday girl, Kendell Clements

This Sunday is my friend Kendell Clements’ big 21st Birthday, and I wanted to post some of her pics and wish her the best on this momentous day!!!!  These pics are from the shoot we did last March out at Thompson’s aviation yard, and like the ones posted a few weeks back you can see Kendell has a charm and a magic in her modeling style and technique.  If she were born a mermaid many a sailor and ship would be lost at sea, HAAAAA!!!!  So be sure to wish Kendell a Happy Birthday if you stop by, and stay tuned because in early June Miss Kendell will be giving her go for the fan favorite Red Dress series from Star Trek!

Kendell in B&W

Kendell and the Huey

those eyes those eyes!!!!

May 2011