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the wrath of Comicon #4

Here are a few more pics from the show…

QM's firefly

QM's enterprise

a pewter piece also by QM

some very cool prints from the ACME archives booth

woooo I loved this huge map room from Raiders piece

one wicked comic version of the joker

one of the original batman costumes from Chris Nolan's continuing series

the Jokers outfit, Love those suade shoes

just some neeto charecter

one of the many cool costumes

this gals outfithad a bit to do with inspiring Kendell's scifi outfit

one of the costumed promotional girls working her booth

she almost looked artificial,

SUPERGIRL,,,, she was about the only supergirl I saw all day Thursday.

a well done Hell Raiser costume and cube

Doc Brown's toy car from back to the future

It's Wonder Woman!!!

more Steampunk, I LOVE IT!!!

this print is a masterpiece,,, I laughed so hard

another laugh out load print

a beautiful trio of steam punk

if your familiar with a series called "Mandi" by Dean Yeagle, you'll be amazed at the uncanny resemblence of the model and the print behind her is!!! unbelievable likeness

one incredible full sized sculpt of SUPERMAN

the girls of Batman, Poision Ivy, Cat woman, and Harlequin

It's Toadie

there were a lot of these black clad assign girls running around

just down the street from the Con was a gallery dedicated to the Conan O'Brien comic charector, pretty cool stuffthe ecto mobile cruising down the boulavard,, what a smoker she was too!!!

I loved this steampunk Doctor and his gal!!! way cool

woooooo what a pose

a huge F-14

It's Barf from "Spaceballs"

this was the last of the steampunk couples I saw at the show!!! gotta love that pilots hat

and here's the last picture from the con, it's the new police druiser from the new "Total Recall"

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