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emergancy casting call, Rhino artist needed

Hi all,,, Hollywood is calling and they need an artist who can model props from 2d drawings in Rhino, and is familiar with setting up files for the growing of parts… Advanced skills and proficiency a must… Give me ago ASAP and please send links and examples. OK and thanks

rhino model by an unknown artist


yakima storage containers or weopons of mass destruction, part 1

It’s flash back Thursday, so lets journey back to 1996 and the early days of First Contact. At the time that these drawings were being laid out on paper, the film was untitled and ST Resurrection was a loose working title for the 8th film in the Star Trek film series. The film called for a lot of designs from every aspect of production and one of the more fun and obscure requests were for a new style of upgraded photon torpedo. The E was advancing in it’s on board weaponry and the newly established Quantum torpedo was the in thing. We had broken for lunch one afternoon and were venturing off the lot to one of the two choices of restaurants and on the walk a car drove by with this cool thing strapped to the hood. What was that!!!, I wondered and back at the desk a few hours later that shape kept coming to mind and I wanted to go stand on the corner to see if another one would go by so I could learn more about what it was. it was a few weeks before I saw another one and thankfully the odd shaped box was stopped at a traffic light and I was able to catch the brand name off of the side. back at the office I was describing the box to Mike Okuda and he ventured onto his computer and found out that the box’s were a new kind of storage unit for travelers. With all of this new info it was off to the drawing board and a combination of the Mark V torpedo and the Yakima box made for the first and final pass of what the new torpedo was going to look like. At that time the torpedoes had a much larger section in the script and were to be built for many of the scenes that called for them to be physically handled. as time went on the scenes were cut and all that was left were the concept drawings. So after years of sitting in the flat files these drawing are seeing the light of day once more, so without further delay here is the torpedo sketch and some of the inspiration that went into the Quantum’s final look.

yakama 1

Yakima 2


The Thule box

and the Quantum

September 2011