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  1. November 11, 2012 at 4:37 am

    In that picture and in some other she but most in that is very sweety ,and obviusly very nice, that is one of my favorite picture of your ‘s blog ,l like a lot when there are planes into backrounds ,the best of best is the picture of lisa with what seems to me a blue tbf avenger or f4 wildcat of the navy , can you post some more picture of planes ,like more picture of tomacts ,or ohter famous planes ,or better more blueprints of enterprise seires , i have a question about a picture of a box that had inside a Galaxy class model of enterprise but with strange Letter “E” instead of “D” ,and i like to know it story,if you like to tell to your followers that curiosity.Are you designing star trek online things?or i wronged understanded it ? if you do i very happy ,becouse some time a i play that game ,and good ships design are always welocome for me , there are rumours about new tv show ?i hope enterprise is not be the last enterprise on small or big screen .
    your fan

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