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Howdy all, I’m now a Wyoming resident and so love my new home.  I made the long drive last weekend and was so happy to be back with my family again after a long separation because of my working in LA and my wife and daughters being in WY.  So glad to be home and so love the small town life.

Yesterday I saw two ranch trucks drive down our road in a 24 hour span. The town of  Torrington is for the most part closed today because it’s Sunday and everyone is at church.  The sun is shining, there is NO WIND, and there is nothing even remotely similar to Los Angeles anywhere to be found…Nothing is locked up behind glass at Walmart, there are mirrors in all the restrooms and there is no gang scratch or graffiti anywhere.  Vacant farm houses are intact and not looted and everyone says hi or waves as you go by.  Teenagers working at the fast food places are all very nice and happy; American flags and signs of patriotism are everywhere.  The military folks in and around town are not scoffed at or looked down upon.  There are families everywhere doing things together.  I see people of all ages in restaurants taking a moment or two to pray before they eat…

Well I could go on and on so in short I’ll say that this place is perfect, just like the small towns I grew up in, in Arizona.  So With all that said, I’m settled in and got my computer set up and I HAVE INTERNET at home again! (editor’s note… YEA!)  So tomorrow starts day one of the return of the blog and the beginning of a look back at the Summer movies of 1982.  Have a great Sunday and Mother’s Day all.


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