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Matt Yuricich, the passing of a Hollywood legend

Matt painting a Matte from Bladerunner

May 28th, 2012 marks the passing of a dear friend and a Hollywood Legend. Matt Yuricich was one of the greatest Matte Painters the movie industry has ever seen, and his Oscar winning talents span decades of incredible motion picture masterpieces. I met Matt at Apogee in early 1987 and he was hidden in a dark back room of the shop painting away for a small show the company had going on.. I didn’t know much about his history but I did know he did the paintings for Blade Runner and Ghostbusters… It took a while for him to ease in to a conversation but I quickly found out that he was as big of a fan of Ding Dongs as I was.. It was an odd ice breaker but from there on he would always ask if I had anymore when I would walk by, HAAA! He was at the shop for about two months and it was always a treat to watch him work when I could sneak over. He was a gentleman, an artist and a very funny man. I always remembered those days of working with one of my idols and his passing is a sad one indeed.. Years later I found out he worked on Hitchcock’s “North by Northwest” and it was a thrill to find out that he did all of my favorite paintings from the film..

Below is a link to a tribute page put together by NZpete from a couple of years ago and he has really put together an awesome array of Matt’s work from the beginning to the end. Goodby Matt and thanks for sharing your talents with us both on and off the screen. God’s speed my friend.

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