invasion of the saucer-men, the 55th anniversary


June the 19th 1957,  A night of fright times 2.  American International Pictures released “Invasion of the Saucer men” on a double bill with “I Was a Teenage Werewolf”. what an incredible night that would have been to experience it as it happened.. The story of the Teenage Werewolf will have to come later because this post is exclusively for INVASION OF THE SAUCER MEN!!!!!  I was introduced to this film when I was about 10 years old.  Every Saturday night at 10:30 my dad and I would flip the TV over to KPHO channel 5 (our local Phoenix Arizona Television station) for the late movie. Channel 5 would present a cavalcade of genres to the small screen and every Saturday night, the best of Hollywood would takes us on new and exciting adventures. Sci-Fi seemed to be a big favorite of whoever programmed the broadcasting and it was always such a treat to see these fabulous old B&W movies. My dad would generally fall asleep in the first 15 minutes of the movie leaving me to fend for myself at some of the scariest moments my little mind could handle. One particular Saturday it was a a tough call between a space movie on channel 5, and a John Wayne movie on another station. Because my dad controlled the TV John Wayne would always win out. from the opening credits that I saw briefly of the space movie I was more than anxious for dad to fall asleep so I could switch the channel back and it was only a matter of about 20 minutes and he was out.  I quietly switched the set over to Channel 5 and what I saw in the next 5 minutes  terrified me beyond belief..  the scenes opened up on a teenage couple driving in the night woods with their lights off and in a flash of lightning this horrible things runs in front of the car and they hit it,, The couple jumps out of the car and more lightning flashes reveal a strange little body with a  huge head pined under the car. while the couple tries to figure things out,  we see the creatures hand fall off and crawl over to the tire. The severed hand has an eyeball on top of it’s veiny surface and as the eye is looking around sharp needles start to grow out of the finger tips…. next the hand dives at the tire and pops it from under the car…. This was all I could handle and I grabbed the dial and flipped it away from the horror that had just taken me over. I didn’t know what the movie was called I only knew it was a space movie and the scenes were so horrible that they haunted me for at least 20 years.. Fast forward to 1987 and my new sci-fi buddy Nelson Broskey and I are reminiscing about old movies and those scenes entered the conversation.. Without hesitation he said; OH that’s from “Invasion of the Saucer Men”.  It took a while but we tracked down a copy and watched it and sure enough this was the movie that damaged me so badly!!!    With this new knowledge I was an instant fan and not long after, Nelson and I tracked down a big movie and prop collector named Bob Burns,, I didn’t know who Bob was but Nelson knew all about him. We went to his house one evening and when he opened the door Rays of light emitted out into the yard and we were drawn in,,,,, it was like angels opening the gates of heaven and the light of God gently welcomed us to paradise.  Bob’s house was a museum of artifacts with very recognizable robot and monster heads on the wall where you entered and a slight right turn past the stairs opened into a room of cases full of props. movie monsters. matte paintings, and all the things that were  magic on the big screen. Bob was not only a fan of all of this stuff, but he had become the ultimate collector. In addition to his life long passion for Sci-Fi and horror he actually worked on a string of classic b movies from the mid to late 50’s. We all became good friends right away and frequent visits were always in order when Nelson would come to town.   As time went on Bob would tell us stories of those fun days working with Paul Blaisdale on so many great movies including today’s classic “Invasion of the the Saucer Men”. For the anniversary I thought it would be fun to call Bob and chat with him about the film and he was very excited to reminisce and share his adventure with us all today.  Invasion of the Saucer Men was based on a short story that was featured in the May 1955 magazine “Amazing Stories” and was written by, Paul Fairman. Bob say’s that Paul’s story was much more evil and terrifying than the comedic translation that the movie version took.

The film’s tale is a simple one and it begins with the opening of a book that states on the cover, “A true story”.  The credits are revealed by the flipping of the pages which feature whimsical alien drawings by Paul Blaisdell (The man responsible for creating all the creatures and models for the film). Once the movie gets under way a narrative starts up By Lyn Osborn who plays a character named Artie Burns in the film. This true story is basically his account of the evening and how he encountered aliens from another world. While the narrative fades off we come across a couple of teenage smoochers (played by Steven Terrell and Gloria Castillo) parked up at lovers lane. They are about to get on their way to elope but instead  run over an alien with their car.  The Alien’s  hand falls off and comes to life puncturing the kids tire leaving them stranded. The teens run to a nearby ranch (owned by Raymond Hatton) to call the police which jokingly do not believe them. The rancher comes home and chases the teens out of his house not believing their story and instead thinks they ran over one of his prize heifers. In the mean time a drunken fortune seeker named Joe Gruen (played by Frank Gorshin “The Riddler” from TV’s batman”) comes across the alien crushed under the teens car. He attempts to get the aliens body and take it home but is attacked by the other aliens who kill him by injecting him with alcohol from their needle sharp finger tips. Meanwhile a military unit has found the Alien craft and wind up blowing it up while trying to find a way in.  Back in the woods, the Aliens swap out their comrades body with the man they just killed, framing the teens for manslaughter. The teens finally get to the police who are booking them for running over Gruen. The lovers escape the police and get a hold of Joe Gruen’s business partner and room mate named Artie Burns  (Lyn Osborne) who believes the kids story and decides to help them out. Back at the army camp the soldiers are covering up all evidence that an alien space ship was once sitting there. The teens accompanied with Artie Burns  journey back into the woods and encounter the severed alien hand that is stalking them, as well as the whole tribe of aliens who are moving in to catch the them. The trio discovers that the aliens don’t like bright car lights.  While trying to keep their distance from the aliens the cars spotlight goes out and Artie is captured and injected with alcohol like his buddy was just a short time earlier. The teens decide to take maters into their own hands and race up to lovers lane and get the help from their friends. The gang all drive their cars with the lights out to the clearing where the flying saucer once was. They surround the aliens and turn on their headlights which in turn kills all of the saucer men. Artie Burns awakes drunk nearby and the story ends with a bit more of his narrative,,,, We see one more clip of the book with it’s final page saying “the end”, as the book closes the aliens severed hand is attached to the back cover which makes you wonder if the story really is over???

Production of “Saucermen” began on April the 8th 1957 and the live action was shot in 6 days at ZIV studios in Hollywood Ca. One additional day was for the VFX and was shot at the Howard Anderson studio for a grand total of 7 days for the entire film to be shot in. Bob Burns worked with Paul Blaisdell on most of his monster movies and I was so glad that he shared so many memories  about their working together on Saucermen. Bob filled me in with all the above details as well as what is coming up next. Bob and Paul were on the set everyday performing in all the moments where the creatures would interact with cast. A group of midgets were cast as the Aliens and Paul and Bob created their terrifying masks and hands. Actor Lyn Osborn lended his vocal talents as the creatures strange little voices, and the noises he did were quite creepy. The midget cast were dressed in full head to toe suits and masks and were used primarily for full figure and medium to close shots. When it came time for detailed and extremely tight close ups, the masks would be worn by either Bob or Paul. If there was a scene featuring a single Alien hiding in the bushes, the monster would be played by Bob,, if you would see two creatures in the scene it would be both Bob and Paul. For the close up attack scenes Where you would see the aliens hand injecting a human or an animal, You would be seeing Paul working the hand, and Bob posing as the Victims. In a few scenes of the film Larkin’s prize bull will be scene  interacting with both the teens and the aliens, this again was Bob acting with a big fake bull head. In one particular scene the teen lovers are in a stolen police car and the severed alien hand is climbing up the back of the seat to get them. Bob and another actress were doubling for Steven Terrell and Gloria Castillo, their job was to sit in the front seat of the car while Paul Blaisdell, dressed in black was stuck in the cramped back seat all dressed in black puppeteering the aliens severed hand. Bob says the heat of the lights in that car was grueling to say the least and it took quite a while to get the scenes done.  Haaa, these guys did so much behind the scenes stuff that they’re practically in every shot of the film in one way or another. The film was directed by Edward Cahn, and Bob had nothing but praise for this man. Mr. Cahn came to the show very prepared and unless something went wrong,  he would rarely shoot a second take. Working with actor Lyn Osborne was a big treat for Bob especially because he was a huge fan of Osborne. Lyn starred as Cadet Happy from Televisions first SC-FI show called “Space Patrol” from the early 50’s. Bob’s working with Lyn would be the same as you or I working with Captain Kirk or Darth Vader. Lyn was on his way to becoming a bigger star and getting larger roles but a brain tumor claimed his life only two short years later. What an awesome and memorable time this must have been to work with your favorite television idol….  Talking about all the sets for the show, Bob was saying that they were all built on one stage, and they were accessible at any time. Standing in the center of the stage you could see in one corner the exteriors of the police station and the diner, in the next corner you had the exterior for Larken’s farm. The next corner was all of the interiors and the rest of the stage was of the woodsy forest locations and all the roads for the various other scenes for the film.   When it came to day seven, Paul and Bob went over to Howard A. Anderson’s VFX studio to spend the day shooting all the effects and insert shots for the film. The unions at the time weren’t as strict as they are today and an FX artist could do a lot more on stage than they can now. There was an FX coordinator assigned to the show and according to all accounts he was quite arrogant and very difficult to work with. He would constantly try to change what was simple and make it his own and of course much more difficult. He overloaded the pyro saucer with to much blast powder despite everyone saying so and completely over did out the effect.  He re-rigged the elaborate puppet rig that Paul had created for the saucer landing, and it worked miserably in comparison.  Next he glued out of scale ferns on a board for the saucer to land behind,,, and this went on for a  a good part of the day. The crew, including Anderson gripped about the problems he was causing and the coordinator stormed off the stage and never came back. Once gone the rest of the filming was completed with a lot of laughs. The finished filmed was released just two months later on June the 19th 1957 and was double billed with “I was a teenage werewolf” as I was mentioning earlier. This film is classic from it’s time and is still a blast  to see to this day. Ronald Stein composed a fantastic score (which you can get on CD) and it added so much to the story…  This movie is a hard one to find and has not been released legally due to stubborn family ownership of the titles, so bootlegs and youtube are about the only way to see it. If you can track one down don’t hesitate to add it to your guilty pleasure collection. So with all that said Happy 55th anniversary to “Invasion of the Saucer Men” and a great big thank you to Bob Burns for sharing so much about this fun movie. Below are so pix from Bob’s private collection as well as some classic grabs from the film. Enjoy and stay tuned for more behind the scenes movie talk with the people who created them.

AI logo shot

a true story

and the story begins

some stock footage of a middle American town

Johnny is waiting for his girl Joan

Frank Gorshin (AKA the Riddler) see’s something in the sky

Frank Gorshin

the UFO arrives

The next seven pictures are all I saw as a kid and I was terrified for years because of what I saw on the screen…  johnny and Joan run into the alien

a flash of lightning reveals a little body under the car

the reverse shot of it’s huge head

the wiggling hand breaking away from the wrist.

needles grow out the aliens wicked little hand

the alien hand shoves it’s needle like finger nails deep into the tire and puncturing it.

Johnny hears the hiss of air and see’s his tire go flat,,,,, This was more than I could handle and I quickly flipped the channel and ran n hid in my room, HAAAA!

Gorshin races home to tell his buddy Artie, (Lyn Osborne) about the UFO, Artie brushes him off and goes back to bed!

Gorshin races back to the alien under the car and can’t dislodge the little guy.

the alien is greasy and disgusting,

The aliens retaliate and attack Gorshin with their alcohol injecting fingers.

Bob Burns stands in for Gorshin and gets injected by the alien hand

Johnny and Joan think there getting help from the police only to find out that there being booked for Manslaughter.

Meanwhile back in the woods the army engineers try to get in the ship only to set off a self destruct mechanism

and up in smoke n fire she goes

Johnny and Joan escape from the police and get some help from Gorshin’s room mate (Lyn Osborn). The trio discover that the aliens don’t like bright lights.

the car battery slowly dies from the drain of the spotlight and the aliens start to move in

Bob Burns stands in again only this time for Lyn Osborn

Joan and johnny escape the aliens as Osborn is getting attacked,,, They flee to lovers lane and get all their friends to follow them and surround the aliens with their cars. The teens turn on their headlights simultaneously and kill all the creatures thus saving the world from an alien invasion.

the end!!!!

or is it???

from the collection of Bob Burns comes this cool pic of the aliens head and hands. note the little suckers on the inside of the fingers.

#2 from Mr.Burns
Bob and Paul goofing around,

#3 from Bob.
This is of Bob himself getting injected with the needles, OUCH!!

#4 from Bob,
The Larken’s ranch set

#5 from Bob,
the set shots of the police station and the soda fountain.

#6 from Bob,
two stock shots of cars driving from the film,, Note how the cars don’t even match.
included is one of Blaisdale’s title cards

and last but not least one of the production stills of all the aliens grouped around the car

13 Responses to “invasion of the saucer-men, the 55th anniversary”

  1. June 19, 2012 at 5:18 am

    Hey, I hadn’t seen this movie! and looks like the ones I love to watch!
    Thank you por pointing it out!

    • 2 johneaves
      June 24, 2012 at 11:10 pm

      my pleasure and sorry for only getting the poster up,, here is the full article for you so come on back for more.

  2. June 19, 2012 at 7:49 am

    Hypodermic fingers – such fun. This was a staple 1970’s UHF channel flick.

  3. June 19, 2012 at 11:56 pm

    I’ve not seen this since the 60s. Worth it for Paul Blaisdell’s outrageous low-budget aliens, as well as 24 year old Frank Gorshin years before fame as an impressionist and The Riddler.

  4. 7 evil_genius_180
    June 20, 2012 at 8:35 am

    I’ve never seen it either but that poster looks cool. I think I’m going to have to find a copy somewhere (maybe Netflix has it.) 😀

  5. June 21, 2012 at 5:20 am

    “See disembodied hand that crawls!” It is hilarious what they put on the movie posters in those days to catch people’s interest.

    • 10 johneaves
      June 24, 2012 at 11:13 pm

      this was defiantly one of my most favorite posters, Forbidden Planet still holds the #1 spot with Saucer men coming in with a close second

  6. June 25, 2012 at 6:41 pm

    isn’t there a cow thats given some booze and belches in the film?

  7. 13 David F.
    July 19, 2012 at 12:33 pm

    Oh my! I did not know it was a remake, till now, but Saucer Men was remade as the completely inept “Attack of the the Eye Creatures”* and riffed on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

    If you enjoy that sort of thing, I highly recommend it.

    *The title card actually says “the the”

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