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it’s pin up friday

Hi all and yes it’s been a long time since I have been able to get on here.. So much going on with a second move in a year and now I’m back in CA working at Disney! Woooooo never a dull moment……  Anyways in addition to it being the 35th anniversary of Close Encounters,  It’s Pin Up Friday….  Today get ready for pix from two fantastic models, first up are some classics from Miss Penny Von Luck. and second from my friend Kasandra Kid. I did my first Nebraska photo shoot with Kasandra in July and we covered a few themes atop the National monument in Scottsbluff. Kas is one awesome lady and she was so much fun to work with,,, we have a few more shoots in store when I get back and the winter weather settles down so stay tuned!! I ran into Penny last night at the  mall and we talking about so new themes to shoots also. it has been a couple of years since we worked together and we are anxious to do so again…. So with all that said have a great Friday and be posting more next week.

Voo Doo Penny

in the mood to stun

all in red

my fav of the bunch

on the rocks

on the rocks #2

in the road

in the road #2

on the beach,,, without an ocean

red top

my fav

on the hills



animal print



close encounters of the third kind, the 35th anniversarry

original poster, 1977

November the 16th, 1977, 35 years ago today I was so waiting for school to get out so my dad could take me to see this movie…. On the calendar that really is a long time ago but in my memories it was yesterday.. I was very excited about the opening of CE3K and after seeing it for the first time it was my new favorite movie of all time. As a young teen in the 70’s the new world of Science fictions films was born thanks to Lucas and Spielberg, Star Wars came out over the summer and was my favorite film until the 16th of November. Close Encounters quickly took the first place spot pushing Star Wars to 3rd place right behind Jaws coming in at 2nd. I couldn’t wait to save up my nickles and dimes to buy the soundtrack on LP.. I was a little sad that the score was on a single record and I was hoping for a double disc like the Star Wars Soundtrack. Non the less the record was played until the music tracks had all been warn off, HAAA! Since then there have been so many versions of this film that you tend to loose track, but for me the best is still the original release. When the special edition came out in theaters in 1980, we were all anticipating the brilliant extra footage of going inside the mother ship,, the new footage amazed and thrilled everyone in the theaters, but the sad part was a lot of the original footage was edited out causing, at least me, to be as disappointment as I was ecstatic.. Regardless of what version you’ve seen it is a classic through and through and is one of Spielberg’s crowning achievements. This was early on in his career when he still wrote his own films. I do miss his writing talents as well as his long lost love for space and science fiction films. Steven has come a long, long way and his talent grows with all he does. Jaws, Close Encounters, Raiders, Poltergeist, ET, all have a special place in my heart and if it wasn’t for these films I am sure I wouldn’t have been inspired to work in the movies.. Close Encounters is a masterpiece on all levels from the story and directing, the amazing visual effects, and especially for John Williams brilliant score. Living in Wyoming now my big goal is to get over to Devils Tower and when I do I’ll post some then and now pix. So to Steven Spielberg and Close Encounters, Happy 35th.

Dreyfuss and Dillon

a close call

Greg Jein’s incredible miniatures!!!

And Steven Spielberg,, now I know where the line “That’s a bad hat harry” comes from.

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