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Twilight Zone, the movie the 30th anniversary



On June the 24th, 1983, the much anticipated Twilight Zone the Movie is released.  This was one of my most favorite summer of ’83 films; and it is a wonderful piece of work based on Rod Serling’s incredible TV show from the 50’s and 60’s.  John Landis and Steven Spielberg teamed up with Joe Dante and George Miller to make this motion picture homage to one of the greatest shows from the golden age of Television. I am a huge fan of all four of these talented story tellers, and the sequences are masterfully directed by each man. The stories are all intricately and beautifully connected by an emotionally moving and haunting score by the late Jerry Goldsmith. Each story stands on it’s own as the directors take us into new and revisited territory.  The segments by Joe Dante and George Miller really stand out and show case these two directors’ great talents.  This is a very good film on so many levels and I recommend it highly.

Below is a synopsis provided by Wikipedia that really gives a wonderful insight into each man’s story.  Tragically, the film’s production suffered the great loss of veteran actor Vic Morrow and two young children due to a helicopter accident on the set a year before the film was to be released.  The tragedy is heartbreaking to be sure, not only for those that lost their lives, but also for those that were there and have to live with the pain of what happened.  Thirty years later and my heart and prayers still go out to everyone that was a part of this production.  When and if you do revisit or watch this film for the first time, do remember those who passed on with special reverence.  Thanks.

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