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Happy Easter 2011

Jesus and the tomb

Happy Easter to all of our friends and family  from around the world that visit my blog.  It has been a busy time, and I haven’t been here in a long time but I so wanted to spend a moment and wish everyone a very  Happy Easter and to also thank The Lord for this glorious day.  He has blessed my family so abundantly through the thick and the thin and I am so thankful for all he has done and always answering our prayers. Happy Easter also to our homeland’s brave men and women that are here and abroad preserving our country and the world’s freedom.  Your  service  never goes without great thanks.


Merry Christmas 2010

This year has been a busy one for sure and all of us in the Eaves home wishe everyone here and abroad a very Merry Christmas. Thanks for another awesome year of  blogging and thanks for all the fun, comments, shared stories, and friendships.  Be safe, and we wish our best and our prayers to all of our service men and woman both here and around the world who protect us day and night and keep us all free.  In celebration of our Savior’s birth, here are some very favorite Christmas songs sung by some of the most beautiful voices in the world!


Alicia’s new horse, thanks to everyone who helped her so generously with the fundraiser.

say hello to Sidetrack

Howdy everyone this is Alicia Eaves. I wanted to say thank you so much to all those who participated in the fundraiser for my new horse that my dad put together for me. I really appreciate it so much. Well, it paid off and on early Wednesday morning at 1 am my new horse Sidetrack arrived to her new home with me 🙂 I was so excited I could hardly wait to see her and meet her! The minute she jumped out of the trailer and looked at me with her big beautiful eyes I knew she was the one for me to start another journey with and a new friend. My mom, Tara,  found her on the internet. I know I couldn’t have found a better horse if she didn’t help me with everything. Sidetrack traveled all the way from Texas to get here in California 🙂

Because of our rainy weather, I had to wait a day before I got to ride her and I wasn’t disappointed. She has energy and spirit which I love so much! After spending some time on her, I found that she knows how to spin and sidepass. I have never had a horse that knew how to do that so I am so excited! She loves barrels and it’s a real blast doing the course on her back. She just has the need for speed and shows it when she turns the barrels 🙂 I couldn’t be happier with Sidetrack. She’s loving and comes right up to me and she loves to have her back and neck rubbed and scratched. Its so cute 🙂

After loosing Kiowa, I didn’t think any horse would make me as happy as Kiowa did. She was my baby and I will never forget her because she is in my heart always and is running beside me when I race. She made me the cowgirl I am today. Having Sidetrack home and knowing she is mine is just so mind blowing. Riding her has given me that happiness back that I never thought I would have with another horse. She’s somethin’ special and I couldn’t have done any of this without the help from the fundraiser. Thank you so much for helping me find my new horse who will bring me to a whole new level of competition. She brings me to a new chapter in my life that I am so excited to begin.

Cowgirl Up

~ Alicia~

Howdy all and I wanted to also say thanks for all of the generous offers to Alicia’s fundraiser. Because of everyone’s donations Alicia collected a little over two thousand dollars and my wife Tara helped her to secure the rest of the money needed. All of this has made for a wonderful Christmas for her and especially so because of all these gifts from the heart. All the notes and prayers where so kind throughout all off these hard times and they came from people from all over the globe. what a rich a nd wonderful world we live in and it goes to show that no matter where you are from or live, love and kindness shine as an international virtue. Thanks again to all,  Merry Christmas and have a blessed holiday and new years.

God Bless

John, Tara, Alicia, Olivia, carlene, and Alyna

Alicia and Sidetrack

Sidetrack arrived Wednesday morning at about 1 AM, and here is the first time that we got to see her in the daylight. She so loves to have her neck rubbed.

rounding the arena - Sidetrack came with a lot of training in all the events that Alicia competes in making it an extra special horse that she can get right on and ride and not have to spend years training her from scratch.

After much begging Alicia finally let her sister Olivia ride her new horse. HAAA!


Happy Thanksgiving 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to all from the Eaves Family.  Traditionally this is an American holiday, and I am not sure if it has become a day of Thanksgiving recognized internationally yet, but if not, I hope that one day it would be.  No matter where you live and no matter what your circumstances are, there are so many things to be thankful for.  Since this blog started almost two years ago a lot of heavy issues have hit our home, cancer with my step daughter Carlene, the loss of my daughter Alicia’s horse, as well as many other trials that life throws our way.  Through it all there are so many people that I only know from written comments who have now become great friends and  have let their hearts show with prayers and good thoughts for my family.  Thank you everyone from around the world who has taken the time to share your experiences of joy and pain and brought us all closer together  through these times.  We are a family blessed indeed with such kindness, and we are all so thankful for what this blog has brought to our home.  We are a Christian family, and we give thanks to our lord for always watching over us and for those everywhere.  We are a patriotic family, not a political one, and we love our country and what it stands for

On this day we want to give thanks  to a group of men and women who stand high above as heroes without measure.  These men and women serve in the United States Army, The United States Air Force, The United States Marines, The United States Navy, and The United States Coast Guard.  These brave individuals sacrifice all for our freedom as well as the freedoms of other countries around the world.  They are a noble group that I have such great admiration and respect for.  This Thanksgiving we give thanks to you all that are home, abroad and especially for those that have fallen and won’t be coming home.  Many homes will have an empty chair at their tables tomorrow and our thoughts and prayers will be with you.  Thank you to these families who have children and spouses that serve so bravely.  Happy Thanksgiving to all and have a blessed day.

This is a 1945 Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post cover celebrating Thanksgiving with a mother and her (soldier) son peeling potatoes

one of my most favorite photos of a convoy of soldiers praying for each others safety

Thanksgiving dinner while on duty!

A group of Marines having a pretty good looking Thanksgiving feast

Thanksgiving with the Air Force

Thanksgiving with the Navy

giving thanks

Thanks to our Coast Guard

here is a great illustration of George Washington praying for his men before they go into battle.

And a special thanks to those fallen.

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