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pin up update with miss birthday girl, Kendell Clements

This Sunday is my friend Kendell Clements’ big 21st Birthday, and I wanted to post some of her pics and wish her the best on this momentous day!!!!  These pics are from the shoot we did last March out at Thompson’s aviation yard, and like the ones posted a few weeks back you can see Kendell has a charm and a magic in her modeling style and technique.  If she were born a mermaid many a sailor and ship would be lost at sea, HAAAAA!!!!  So be sure to wish Kendell a Happy Birthday if you stop by, and stay tuned because in early June Miss Kendell will be giving her go for the fan favorite Red Dress series from Star Trek!

Kendell in B&W

Kendell and the Huey

those eyes those eyes!!!!


fire at will Miss Kay jay

By popular demand here she is for a middle of the week pin up update.   Lethal weapon Miss Kay Jay returns today in an “if looks could kill” theme for a sizzling edition from last February ‘s 2011 shoot!


it’s miss Kay jay friday, an arizona pin up update

Here is one more post for a gorgeous Friday.  Miss Kay Jay is the very lovely and talented lady from Arizona who a few months back had a small feature post in the beloved red dress series (  ).  Today here she is again giving her take on an aviation pin up theme.  She is every inch an amazing model, and her style is sleek, elegant, and very sassy.  She is a favorite to work with and look forward to more shoots in the future, so until then enjoys some new pics from one of the queens of Arizona modeling.  Miss Kay Jay.

kay jay 1

Kay in Color

Kay in B&G

Kay give-n the big gun a go

For more of Kay see the link below



Hi all, while I ‘m working on the Enterprise E Shuttle Bay post, here is a teaser for an upcoming pinup update….. This is Kendell and she is striking quite an elegant pose here in the cockpit doorway of a C-130 Hercules.  Kendell and I did this shoot about two months ago and we’re getting ready to shoot her take on the Star Trek red dress series any day now.  She is fairly new to modeling, and with that said, she has a firm grasp on becoming legendary.  Enjoy and more to come….


Kendell 2


happy 2nd anniversary to the blog!!!

Miss Kay Jay

Hey everybody,  yesterday was the second anniversary of Eavesdropping and I forgot to do a post and thank everyone who stops by here and has made this such a fun place to meet up and share stories and pictures of our favorite things. So many great friends I have met here and I can’t thank you all enough for sharing in the topics of the day and especially for all the support that has been given to my family through all the rough times!!! This year is leveling out so hopefully the blog can get back on track and more regularly too. In honor of the anniversary today’s topic will be phaser’s and red dresses! 10 years ago last month the early days of “Enterprise” were in the works and the show was just starting to be designed. Sets props, ships costumes, everything and the art department was assembled with the same group of notorious faces from DS9 and some new ones as well. Jim Martin had rejoined the show as the key prop designer and that man put out one intensive pile of drawings and designs!!! Always a pleasure to work with Jim and I’ve always been a fan. Next month there will be a special on the art of Martin and can’t wait to get it all put together. As the went our boss Herman Zimmerman would throw so many things out at once that in many occasions we would all cross the line from one aspect of the show to the other. one day we would be doing sets then we would both be doing props and on and on. The producers of the show loved variety an so Herman always tried to show as much art as possible during the meetings. Jim had drawn up some really wicked looking weapons and Before the meeting Herman had me draw up a few as well. What you see today are three of those rough ideas which were used as fodder to push forward Jim’s very polished illustrations that Herman and the prop department really liked. Lots of fun and always interesting to see how Herman would try to work and bend the crowd towards what he was thinking. The feel for the weapons is a bit heavier and gritter that what has been seen before and loving the assault Phaser from Trek V and VI, I kind of followed that idea in more of a militaristic fashion.

So enough about Phasers, Here is a newest member of the Red Dress series, Miss Kay Jay from Phoenix Arizona. I was back in my home state  through most of the month of February and while I was there I got to do a couple of shoots with some old friends, but I was ever so privileged to work with Kay Jay for the very first time.We did a long shoot at a couple of locations and we covered vintage military pin up with both an Air Force, and an Army theme (for her Fiance who is in the Army) out at Falcon Field in Mesa AZ, and wrapped out the day with a more elegant pin up theme and ended with the Red Dress series. Kay has a magic to be sure and she so artistically paints a beautiful canvas using herself as the medium!! She has a great talent and I love what she brought to the Star Trek theme. A mixture of action, grace, and sultry fashion, really elevated what we have seen here so far!!! So with all that said enjoy the art, pics and also visit Kay’s modeling page from the link below. So stay tuned for more entries this week and More of Miss Kay Jay in the near future!!

phase 1

phase 2, the two part unit as originally invisioned in the TOS

phase 3 the blaster version


Kay 2


Alexandra gunn, a pin up update

alex and the red dress #1

Happy new year Everyone, it’s finally 2011, and I’m so looking forward to the start of a new year and sharing more stuff from the world of Hollywood and Star Trek with you all.  This March will mark the second anniversary of the blog and there will be a whole lot of new Starship dedications to many of the readers here, as well as interviews with some of the cast & crew and a whole lot of art and photos from the Trek world.  So without any further delays, here we go….

For the first official post of the new year I want to introduce you to Alexandra Gunn.  Alex is fairly new to the modeling world with about 6 months of work to her credit, and without hesitation I would say she has all it takes to go very, very, far.  She is very passionate about the art, and she can really capture a fantastic array of styles and eras both elegantly and also in the true spirit of the vintage past.  Alex and I met for the first time a few weeks back at Mark Thompson’s aviation yard, and the ground was still covered in snow.  Despite the weather, Alex had her heart set on doing a good part of the shoot in a leopard print dress and ignored the elements to capture a series of very beautiful images.  Both her parents were there to lend a hand & be a part of the shoot, and they are a great inspiration for her.

Alex loves to sing and has just won an acting and modeling contract and is about to head off to Texas to follow her dream.  Inspired by the sirens of the silver screen, Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe, Alex tries to follow in their style from a bygone era making everything she does a homage but also making her style very much her own.  Alex is 19 , lives in Palmdale CA, and at 5’3 she thought modeling might not be something she could do successfully with the commonly accepted thought that you have to be extremely tall to make it big.  Alex proves that theory wrong and has created some of my most favorite pictures.  For our last shoot, Alex took on the Star Trek Red Dress theme and so wonderfully conquered the look and feel of the 60’s adding her own style and mark with this fun running series.

Be sure to stay tuned for more of Alex as she is about to go Brunette, and hopefully before she makes it to the big time we can catch her for another shoot . OK then, enjoy the work of Alex and be sure to check out her Model Mayhem page by following the link below.

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one more of miss elizabeth mills

Here is one more pic of Lisa for all of her new fans here to enjoy!!! Thanks for all the great comments yesterday and Lisa is lovin all the feedback.

Lisa's a pack-n


Miss meagan ross, a woman in charge (a pin up update)

Good Morning and happy Friday. Well its good to be back on the blog, sure missed all the fun here and posting lots of interesting things for you all to see. Work is still way busy so I’ll squeak things in as I can. And with that let me introduce you to my friend Meagan. we met in Tucson a few weeks back and we shot a vintage cowgirl shoot as well as a classic Star trek theme. Just Jen from Last years shoot was with us and we did a double shoot which was a lot of fun and it was the first time I ever shot two at once. Meagan is  a very sweet gal and very funny to. She has a very cool style to her work with a lot of Rockabilly attitude thrown in. She dared the rocky mountains in high heeled boots and scaled rock walls with shear drops on the other side without blinking an eye.  coming in at 5 foot 1 she is powerhouse of talent, she’s a pro all the way and sure knows her stuff!  I had the gold dress for quite some time and It was defiantly made for Miss Ross.  What a treat to work with her and I am so glad to be able to get one of her pictures up for you today!!!  Thanks Meagan

cap-n Meagan


Miss Elizabeth Mills, a fabulous pin up update

My Arizona trip was a great Success with being able to shoot a lot of (then and now) photographs for the 50th Anniversary of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho”. In addition to that adventure I was able to meet up with a very new and up and coming model named Elizabeth Mills. Miss Mills is a student at ASU and models part time for fun, She had a wickedly fabulous portfolio and I was so excited to get the chance to work with her.  We met at Falcon Field in Mesa Arizona around 11:30 for the vintage aviation themed shoot. Lisa wore an elegant long black dress, long silk gloves, and her very cool glasses as her her chosen wardrobe, which made for a beautiful contrast to the traditional military outfits that I have shot in the past. Lisa whipped up some very sleek poses and made taking good pictures ever so easy. It was hot out and we did do a second round at Falcon in full army get up,,, the dress was my favorite of the two outfits by far although the Army look is oh so very nice as well.   From there we were off to Scottsdale for the red dress part of the shoot…. Lisa really captured a new look from what we have seen in this series so far and I love how her style and grace made for some way cool pictures. She also made one fine cowgirl for the western theme that we also shot at the same location. Here is but a small taste of whats to come from Lisa and I’m sure you’ll agree that we need to see more of her in future posts!!! Thanks Lisa for the great shoot and so glad to finally be putting up some of your pictures here today. Here also is Lisa’s Model Mayhem link,,,, Be sure to check it out to see some of her other work..


lisa in B&W

Lisa in color



Lisa in color



Lisa the big view



this is the cropped version of the below pic,,, I couldn't decide which one I liked best so you get to see both.



lisa wide view






ooooh those glasses



Yeee Haw n Howdy



curtis sb2c helldiver



Miss Katy Awful, a red dress story

katy 1

Two weeks ago I made my annual Tucson Arizona trip and met with some old friends and some new ones for some awesome pin up style photoshoots. I had met Katy via her Model Mayhem page and we got together at the Pima Air and space Museum for a vintage style aviation themed pin up. Katy’s sleek style and elegant way of posing for the camera made for some very beautiful pictures. She has a very inventive imagination when it comes to outfit choices and in the first set of shots at the museum she wore a lovely formal gown that really put a gorgeous twist to the look that we are all so familiar with. We shot two wardrobe sessions at the park the pictures she took there are breathtaking!!! We talked about shooting a red dress theme before I had to go and Katy was pretty excited about it.. She found the location in the mountains above old Tucson and did quite a bit of research on the old 60’s characters. we meet again two days later at this awesome rocky location and she hops out of the car with the coolest Trek style Hair doo, (which she did herself) and some classic fishnet style stockings. Katy has a magical presence about her not to mention she has a towering figure coming in at 6 foot 2, She is a very unique and gifted young lady and she has the world before her to do what ever she wants. Modeling is her artistic outlet and she shines ever so brightly using herself as the medium  in which she creates her art!!! Thanks Katy and for all you pin up fans your in for a great treat. enjoy and as always there will be more to come. Also be sure to check out the next spot I’m working on for, Katy will be the special red dress guest for the next article.

Katy 2

Katy 3

katy 4

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